ZeroTherm Nirvana NV120

December 21, 2007 | 16:44

Tags: #am2 #btf90 #cooler #cpu #heatsink #lga775 #nirvana #nv120

Companies: #amd #intel #zerotherm

Having recently given the ZeroTherm BTF90 the CPU Cooler of the year in our recent awards, we were keen to get its new bigger brother, the Nirvana NV120, in as soon as it was available in the UK.

The smaller 92mm fan has been upgraded to a larger 120mm but now has the obligatory blue LEDs too. However, it does remain in a similar enclosing fin array which now has four heatpipes thrust through it. It also comes with a baby monitor rheostat to throttle the fan speed as well.

We've got one in house now, so expect a full review in the new year. Until then though, you'll just have to cope with commenting in the forums.

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