The Best of Bit-tech 2009

Written by Joe Martin

December 20, 2009 | 10:05

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Modding has always been an important part of the site, and it always will be thanks to our dedicated modding forum where our community of very talented craftsmen post their project logs and designs.

This year has seen some absolutely fantastic mods too, all of which are worth refreshing yourself with before we kick off the prestigious Mod of the Year competition to select the most striking and ingeniously constructed machine.

Remember though that the mods on show here represent only a fraction of the mods that are out there, and there are dozens more on show in the Modding forum - both complete and in-progress. If you want, you can check out the Modding Index for easy skimming of mods from previous years too.

Either way, below you'll find the cream of this year's crop, including some simply astounding designs from the likes of Magnus Persson, Frenk Janse and Coolmeister.

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Featured Mods

If you've got a mod which you're working on then make sure you let us know all about it - either through the forums or by email. We love to hear from our readers almost as much as we love to play games. Speaking of which...
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