Toshiba 128GB SSD notebook delayed

April 15, 2008 | 07:09

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CNET's Brooke Crothers has reported that Toshiba's much-vaunted Dynabook SS RX1 has been quietly moved from its original launch date.

The Dynabook is to be a Japanese-only model with the major selling point of being equipped with a 128GB SSD as standard. Although the originally slated price, ¥400,000 – around £2000 – looks to be still be sound, the supposed April release date has now been pushed back until June due to delays in getting the high-capacity SSDs in large enough quantities.

Although the specifications of the notebook aren't much to write home about, it's the SSD that really has people interested. Solid-state storage is the latest must-have tech for the roadwarriors amongst us, and while devices like the Eee PC have up to 16GB of storage on-board, a device that retails for less than a second mortgage and has around the same capacity as a traditional mechanical hard disk is pretty exciting. Accordingly, there are likely to be quite a few customers cursing Toshiba in fluent Japanese around now.

With the remaining Dynabook specs not exactly setting the world alight, Toshiba had better hope they get the supply chain problems ironed out pretty darn sharpish – it's a short hop from 'first notebook with 128GB SSD' to 'yet another notebook with 128GB SSD'.

Tempted to jet off to Japan to get your hands on one of the new Dynabooks, or do you predict other companies to have released their own massive-SSD-equipped notebooks before Toshiba gets around to releasing theirs? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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