Apple recently announced plans for movie downloads on its iTunes store after clinching a deal with Warner Brothers and today we can reveal that downloads of popular TV series are now available for just $1.99 per episode.

TV shows now available for download include Battlestar Galactica, Friends, The Flintstones and The Office. All this is a starting point for Apple's releases of movie downloads in partnership with Warner. Apple has commented on its iTunes website:

"In addition to music videos, the iTunes Music Store also features television shows from ABC, NBC, MTV, ESPN, Sci Fi Channel, Comedy Central, Disney, Nickelodeon and Showtime, among others."

Which is a fair number of channels, which is likely to increase as broadcasters take the opportunity to take our well earned money.

Season One of Friends will be priced at $1.99 per episode, which is $47.76 for the entire season of 24 episodes, except you can buy in bulk the entire series for $30. A Season One DVD can easily be bought for less than $20 in shops so we can't help but wonder if people are really going to buy from the iTunes store, however you do get the ability to watch the shows straight to your iPod and unlimited views on up to 5 computers.

Wippit has already said that it will be providing movies sometime this month in the UK, although we've yet to see this on its website. No doubt that by the end of the year we will see internet traffic shoot up with movie downloads being the next internet phenomenon.

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