TV vs. the Internet: Internet wins

Written by Phil Cogar

August 23, 2007 | 19:02

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According to the results of a recent online survey conducted by IBM, television sets are losing ground to the internet when it comes to personal leisure time. 19 percent of all respondents stated that they spent six hours or more per day on the internet versus nine percent of respondents spending the same amount of time in front of the television. 66 percent responded that they spent one to four hours in front of the television versus 60 percent on the internet.

"Consumers are demonstrating their desire for both wired and wireless access to content: an average of 81 percent of consumers surveyed globally indicated they've watched or want to watch PC video, and an average of 42 percent indicated they've watched or want to watch mobile video," said Bill Battino, Communications Sector managing partner of IBM Global Business Services.

The survey constituted more then 2,400 households across the globe from mid-April through mid-June and covered the usage and adoption of new multimedia devices and media and entertainment consumption on PCs, mobile phones, portable media players and more.

For the television, it seems that DVRs and on demand services are the big drawing points for consumers. 24 percent of all US respondents reported owning a DVR with 33 percent saying they now watched more TV since purchasing a DVR then before owning one.

Social networking and online video sites are a couple of the ways that people are now spending their time online. 36 percent of Australians, 26 percent of Americans, 20 percent of UKers and 9 percent of Japanese respondents reported that they contributed to a social networking site. Seven percent of US respondents and nine percent of UK and Australian respondents reported that they contributed to user generated content sites. Of all of those who contributed, an average of 58 percent said they did so for recognition from peers and to feel part of the community rather then make money.

IBM has made the full results of the survey available over on their site.

How many of you guys have ditched your TV in favour of watching your media on your computer? Tell us what parts of the survey you fall into in the comments section below or over in the forums.
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