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Written by Phil Cogar

September 4, 2007 | 09:19

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You know what it's like; one morning, you're in a big rush to get to the train station in time but when you get there you realize you've let your wallet at home. Happen to you often? No worries, just whip out your mobile and use it to pay for your ticket. At least that's what the makers of PayForIt are hoping that you'll do.

Mobile payment systems, such as premium rate SMS, have been on offer for some time now but many people have been unwilling to use the services due to confusion about just who they were going to pay and what happens if something messes up. Well, now there's an alternative that is (supposed to be) both unified and informative.

Available on the five major mobile networks in the UK, PayForIt has standardised the way that mobiles can be used to make payments. Now, when you make a purchase with your mobile, an information screen will show you just what you've bought, who it was bought from and how much you paid for it. The charge will automatically be tacked onto your next mobile phone bill.

The system isn't designed to replace cash but will offer another choice when making a purchase of up to £10.

"It's about opening up the micro payment choices," said Mike Short, chairman of the Mobile Data Association, "but it's not a total cash replacement."

As society as a whole moves away from using cash for their main payment option this can only lead to bigger and better things. Right? Or will we all turn into a nation of silent automatons, communicating solely by text and email?

Have you had a chance to use PayForIt as a payment method? What do you think of the scheme? Tell us your thoughts on it in the comment section below or over in the forums.
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