µTorrent Mac alpha leaked

September 25, 2008 | 09:02

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If you're a Mac fan wanting to get his fill of perfectly-legitimate-honest BitTorrent goodness, there's some good news: you're getting the popular µTorrent application. The even better news is you can try it right now – sort of.

According to The Cult of Mac, the teeny-tiny BitTorrent engine is currently being coded for Mac OS X, and a private alpha copy has – not without irony – been leaked onto notorious BitTorrent-based file sharing site The Pirate Bay.

According to Simon Morris, the vice president of product management at µTorrent's owner BitTorrent, the code leaked onto the 'net represents “an internal development build of µTorrent for Mac” of 'alpha' quality, and was not intentionally released by the company. Morris goes on to state that BiTorrent “would strongly recommend folks not to use it as it isn't yet complete or stable enough to be released to the public.”

Despite the warnings, users are queuing up to try the sneak-peak release – even though you already need a working BitTorrent client in order to download it. Early reports reveal that the client is largely functional, working just as well as its Windows version with a single exception: the in-built search functionality is somewhat broken.

Whether the Mac client comes too late to give BitTorrent – the company, not the protocol – much headroom in an environment which already has the non-too-shabby Transmission client available remains to be seen. I hope for the sake of the effort the company appears to have gone to that it hasn't missed the boat.

Any Mac users going to be giving µTorrent a try in either leaked alpha or final release form, or are there better clients out there than a port of a Windows application? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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