Want a new MacBook? Sell adverts.

Written by Brett Thomas

November 22, 2006 | 17:20

Tags: #macbook

News from the "WTF?" department:

Everyone has been drooling over the nice, shiny new MacBook Pros lately. You know the ones - Core 2 Duo, plenty of RAM, a decent hard drive, all in that brushed metal frame. Well, one girl managed to get some substantial reimbursement for her purchase - by selling the cover space for advertising.

California resident Leah Culver came up with the idea some time ago and began a website to solicit contributions. For $150 per square inch, you could have a laser-etched logo on the brushed aluminum case. Too rich for your blood? Well, for a mere $30, she would travel to any bar she could get to via public transit and buy you a beer.

As absolutely absurd as it sounds, Leah's ad campaign was incredibly successful. The final unit that she purchased totals roughly $3,300.00 USD, and the front cover is now chock full of ads (see below). Of course, don't ever let it be said that this was solely an opportunistic venture - there's a little space for "[heart] mom + dad" on the case as well. Awwww.

In what might be a rather ungrateful (but brutally honest) parting shot, Leah signs the bottom of her page with, "Don't worry, your laser-etched ad will probably be around longer than your internet company!" Ouch.

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