This copy of Windows is not validated as genuine

Written by Wil Harris

April 26, 2006 | 18:20

Tags: #notification #windows

Companies: #microsoft

Microsoft is rolling out a new software scheme to raise awareness of piracy amongst those running illicit copies of Microsoft Windows.

The scheme has been running in Scandanavia (home of ThePirateBay) for a few months now, and is now due to be rolled out across the rest of the world.

Windows will now display a little bubble in the notification area of the taskbar, telling users that their copy of Windows is not authenticated by Microsoft. There will also be a permanent message on the desktop, and a message whenever you log on to Windows, too. You can see the text, and Microsoft's explanation, over here.

Of course, the fatal flaw with Microsoft's plan is that you can go and uninstall the notifications, which are installed by Windows Update, via Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

Microsoft has been excluding users running 'pirated' copies of Windows from its Windows Update programme for a while, only providing them with 'Critical Updates'.

Have you had the wrath of the Microsoft anti-piracy dept hit your desktop yet? Let us know over in the forums.
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