Windows Home Server goes RTM

Written by Tim Smalley

July 17, 2007 | 17:48

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Microsoft has announced that Windows Home Server has been released to manufacturing this week and will (not surprisingly) appear on home servers that turn up on the market in September and October.

Senior product manager Joel Sider told ComputerWorld that “the main change from RC was that the domain for remote access is now We also did some fine-tuning and polishing and killed off the last few bugs.”

What’s quite outstanding is the fact that Windows Home Server has gone from public announcement to RTM in just over six months.

Sider said that simplicity was the key here – his team was very conservative on the feature set and that helped to prevent things from taking endless amounts of development time.

There has been no announcement made on when the operating system will be made available to end-users so that they can use Windows Home Server without the need to buy a whole new PC. However, Sider stated that there will be an evaluation edition available that will time out after 120 days – this is typical of Microsoft’s evaluation software.

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