Vista versions officially announced

Written by Wil Harris

February 20, 2006 | 14:14

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Microsoft has finally talked about what naming its going to use for the new versions of Windows Vista.

Previous Windows editions have been split into Home and Pro, as an example. However, Vista is going to be rather more complicated.
  • Windows Starter 2007: This is just a 32-bit version, and doesn't include any of the graphics fancyness on the other version of Windows.
  • Windows Vista Home Basic: The baseline version of Vista for home users.
  • Windows Vista Home Premium: The same as Basic, but with Media Center built in (and CableCard support).
  • Windows Vista Business: Will add networking and extra features as Windows XP Pro does to Windows XP Home today. Unlikely to support Media Center.
  • Windows Vista Enterprise: This will include virtualization technology in the form of Virtual PC, as well as added security and encryption technologies.
  • Windows Vista Ultimate: This is a combination of Home Premium and Business, offering the features of both with a little extra. It's aimed at the home user.
Wow, confusing huh? So, if you're a business, you're going to want your desktops kitted out with Business edition, unless you're a high-end business user when you'll want Enterprise. Most Joes will want Home Premium, but enthusiasts like us will probably want Ultimate. No info on pricing yet, but we rather suspect that's an irrelevant consideration for a large number of enthusiasts.

Oh yeah, and we almost forgot: Basic and Business both come in 'N' versions, with the 'N' denoting 'No' Windows Media Player - for EU anti-competition compliance.

There's no concrete measure yet as to how 64-bit will differ - whether it will ship on the same disc, or be a different product. There's a few extra details over at WinITPro.

Which version of Vista will you get? Will you even get Vista? Let us know your thoughts over the in the forum. There's still only one version of that.
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