World's most productive Folder joins Custom PC & bit-tech

Written by Antony Leather

March 21, 2011 | 12:28

Tags: #folding

Companies: #bit-tech #custom-pc

Jaws dropped in our Folding@home forum over the weekend, as our average production rate doubled - thanks to a single user.

Calling himself zz9pzza (and james_ on our forums), our team's new recruit produced nearly six million points on 21 March - close to double the average production rate of the entire CPC team.

That was enough to see zz9pzza rocketing to the top of the worldwide producers chart over the weekend. Thankfully, zz9pzza, who has already rocketed to a team rank of 47, took the time to calm some of the nerves of over-excited folders and revealed the monstrous hardware he has at his disposal.

'So I am breaking in three racks,' explained James in our Folding forum, 'each rack has four chassis, each chassis has 14 blades. Each blade is a dual processor machine with six cores per processor and 36GB of RAM.'

As forum user Mankz pointed out, this means that zz9pzza's folding farm contains 2,016 cores and 6TB of RAM.

However, it looks as though our team isn't going to be enjoying the fruits of zz9pzza's exhaustive kit list for much longer. 'I will probably stop running the Folding first thing Monday,' said zz9pzza, 'as I am just trying to provoke any more failures. About 26 out of the 168 have an issue of some sort and the supplier will be in at some point to fix them. Each chassis is drawing about 3KW right now (36KW total)'

So, it seems his will be a fleeting visit, but a very welcome one all the same. We hope to see you again, zz9pzza.

If you have no idea what we're talking about, head over to our Folding forum. As always, if you have any thoughts on Folding@home or zz9pzza's mammoth effort, let us know in the forums.
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