Xbox One and PS4 teardowns reveal next gen guts

Written by Edward Chester

November 22, 2013 | 16:24

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The Xbox One and PS4 have been given the teardown treatment by repair specialists Ifixit, revealing just what makes up the new consoles.

Starting with the PS4, the site reveals just how easy it is to access and replace the console's 500GB 2.5in hard drive, with it not even voiding the warranty. The drive can be replaced with any standard unit so upgrading to a higher capacity HDD or a speedy SSD is a cinch.

From here on in, though, you'll have to void the warranty by removing the stickers that cover some of the screws. Once done, though, it's quite easy to remove the universal power supply, then the 6x Blu-ray drive. However, to get to the main centrifugal fan - the part most likely to need some TLC after a few years use - you do have to disassemble almost the entire console, removing the EMI shield and the motherboard to get to it.

Nonetheless, Ifixit scored the console 8/10 for repairability, citing that easy access to the hard drive and the lack of adhesives used to hold it together. They did, though, mark it down for the inaccessibility of the fan and the sharp edges of the main steel EMI shield/midplane.

As for the Xbox One, it also scored 8/10, with it requiring even less effort to access most of the interior. After removing a side panel with a 'spudger' and unscrewing the main metal covering the entire main PCB and its various attached components is exposed. It's then a simple task of accessing the Blu-ray drive, HDD or HSF.

The HSF is much large than that of the PS4, with a 112mm fan compared to the PS4's 85mm model. However, the downward blasting design is arguably a little cruder than the centrifugal model used on the PS4 - though much easier to upgrade. Indeed Microsoft has added ventilation grilles to one whole side of the top of the Xbox One, just to ensure there is enough airflow - it really is paranoid about not repeating the red ring of death fiasco.

Where the Xbox One gets marked down on its overall repairability score, is its HDD. While the drive is a standard 2.5in 500GB model, it is a little awkward to fully remove and, more importantly, is not really user replaceable. Doing so voids the warranty, and the file format it uses is proprietary too.

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