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Written by Wil Harris

December 2, 2005 | 12:56

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bit-tech reader Alastor points us towards The Register, where they have news that the new top level domain for adult entertainment, .xxx, appears to have been killed.

The domain was due for approval at a meeting of the organisation next week, after months of to-ing and fro-ing. We previously reported that ICANN had sent the domain's promoters back to the drawing board with their proposals. After much discussion, the domain had been all but approved.

However, the Reg says this:

"ICANN chairman Vint Cerf stunned an open meeting of the governmental advistory committee (GAC) in Vancouver late on Tuesday when he announced that the whole issue had been pulled from the Board meeting agenda - where it had been the first topic of discussion.

The reason given (this time) was that the GAC needed time to review a 350-page ICANN report on the domain's feasibility before it could provide its approval (or disapproval).
That's a red herring though. The report was completed on 31 August, and is mostly complimentary about the proposed domain. Not only that but all the issues surrounding the domain are already well known to everyone involved, and up until Cerf's sudden announcement, had been effectively given the green light."

And on the subject of who pushed for the cancellation:

"More likely is that the US government intervened but is desperate to avoid being seen to do so because of the ongoing Internet governance conflict, where the US government retains unilateral control of the Internet but claims never to use it."

We don't think that the promoters of the domain are going to give up this easily. Having already spent millions of dollars on the project, they're going to keep pushing ICANN and make it reveal its full hand, we suspect.

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