Konfabulator acquired by Yahoo!

Written by Chris Caines

July 25, 2005 | 19:36

Tags: #javascript #konfabulator #plug-in #widget

Companies: #yahoo

Those of you who are into your desktop gadgets, counters, monitors and thingamajigs will no doubt have heard of Konfabulator, the rather rosy little cross-platform app for displaying all kinds of funky information on your desktop in the form of Widgets.

These user creatable, JavaScript based plug-ins allow you to display any information you so desire via very gorgeous looking front ends indeed. This is an app which found a home quite nicely on my desktop, but up until today you had to pay for the privilege.

However, Konfabulator have just annouced they have been acquired by web portal and all round old school search engine Yahoo!. Normally you would assume this kind of buyout is bad news, whereas they've certainly addressed the most pressing issue for people which is to offer the whole application for free! Those of you who have already purchased it will even be offered a refund which, seemingly vastly against the 'corporate spirit' of the Internet, is a welcome move indeed.

What this will mean for further development of Konfabulator we obviously have yet to see, however with the might of Yahoo! behind them and an obvious initial mentality that free software is a good thing, hopefully those of us who use it have something to look forward to.

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