Meet the Modder: Rob 'Megadeblow' Deluce

Written by Dave Alcock

May 17, 2017 | 17:24

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Meet the Modder: Rob 'Megadeblow' Deluce

A few weeks ago, we started our new feature called Meet the Modder. This is where I travel around to meet modders that are well known. The idea is to see what makes these guys tick, what kind of workshops they have, and what they may do or have done differently to gain the status they have achieved.

The first modder we met was Alex 'Maki Role' Banks, and we had a great response from people both on the forums and on social media. You guys enjoy having a little nosey into the lives of modders!

This time, we visited Rob 'Megadeblow' Deluce. Rob is one of the older generation of modders who has been on the scene for a while. He has done desk builds, amazing Tron-inspired builds, and more. I spent a weekend with Rob, his wife, and his two amazing kids to find out a little more about him.

Meet the Modder: Rob 'Megadeblow' Deluce Interview Part One Meet the Modder: Rob 'Megadeblow' Deluce Interview Part One

So, without further to do, let's meet Rob!

What is your name, what is your username, and where do you come from?

Hi Dave, I'm Rob Deluce aka 'Megadeblow' or 'Deblow' and I am from the land of the tea - Yorkshire!

Tea? A true Brit! So, how long have you been modding?

Blimey, I have been modding since around 2001, which makes it 16 years. I actually did stuff before then, but I didn't document it. Modding wasn't as prolific as it is now, and people didn't really bother taking pictures and making a visual log of what we did. Modding back then was a lot different to now; we didn't have designated resellers where you could purchase supplies like you do now. You had to source everything. If you wanted liquid-cooling, you had to grab a garden pond pump, some hose, and jubilee clips. Radiators were horrible, and there were no specialist fluids or similar. Danger Den did release a pump a little later on, which in my opinion started to move things forward to what we have today.

Aah, yes. That is before my time, fortunately. I have been lucky enough to have a choice of brands and more are constantly hitting the market. What actually started your career in modding?

It was simply just a case of ‘this computer looks horrible and I want something different.' Everything at that time was beige and boring. Cases didn't have windows, and everything was just ugly. I didn't have any professional tools, and I took a pair of scissors to a really crappy case to cut a window. I added some U-channel to make it look clean, and that was it, I was hooked. I am a big fan of lighting, and a window on my case made it so that I could add plenty. This was when I started using EL wire by the way, way back in 2001. It was very expensive then, though. I used cathode tubes and Alaska fans where I couldn't use EL wire so I was able to create something unique.

Meet the Modder: Rob 'Megadeblow' Deluce Interview Part One Meet the Modder: Rob 'Megadeblow' Deluce Interview Part One
Click to enlarge - Rob's 2001 PC complete with EL wire

Wow, even then it looked like you had your Tron case in mind! Since then, you have done a lot of mods. Which of them is your favourite and why?

I think I am going to have to say my second desk, Alternate. It is the most practical, it has storage on either side of it, and although it has many fans it stays clean. It takes up a lot of space, but it saves me having to have a computer on my desk or floor. It also looks great, which is a big bonus, and is an excellent talking point. It reminds me of something that you would also see in the bat cave, so again, it just appeals to me the most. A lot of people know me for my desk too, so it has also helped me in my career.

Meet the Modder: Rob 'Megadeblow' Deluce Interview Part One Meet the Modder: Rob 'Megadeblow' Deluce Interview Part One
Click to enlarge - Rob's Alternate desk PC

Yeah, looking at your desk, I can see why. It actually makes me want to create one! Where do you find inspiration for your builds?

Movies, TV, art, cars, anywhere really. My desk is inspired by a Lamborghini, for example. H.R Giger, who did the artwork for Aliens, is a big inspiration as is the famous artist Salvador Dali. It is hard to explain how I gain inspiration from these artists, but if you travel the world and visit every country, you will subliminally pick up ideas which are unique to that location. You might change what vegetables you eat, or what orange juice you buy, or change your taste in music. I am the same with art. I look at it and unknowingly pick up little techniques that I unknowingly use in my builds. I then notice that I have used such a technique later on and realise where I saw it. Art college has helped me a lot; I was taught techniques not only to help me actually mod but to help me see inspiration all around me.

Meet the Modder: Rob 'Megadeblow' Deluce Interview Part One Meet the Modder: Rob 'Megadeblow' Deluce Interview Part One
Click to enlarge - 'The Persistence of Memory' by Dali and work inspired by Giger

Do you have a “signature look” for your mods?

I like sharp edges on builds, and also lighting plays a huge part in what I do. I also try to do things that I have not seen before. I used EL wire back in 2001, and I had not seen it done at all. Although I had seen desk builds before I created my first one, I had not seen the pumps set into them, and at that time I hadn't seen RGB lighting used in the same way. On my latest desk build, I started to experiment with materials I had never used before such as leather. I think my signature look is that I don't really have one. You never know what to expect.

Meet the Modder: Rob 'Megadeblow' Deluce Interview Part One Meet the Modder: Rob 'Megadeblow' Deluce Interview Part One
Click to enlarge - Sharp edges and LEDs feature heavily in Rob's builds

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