5 Color Gives You Fantasy & Lively Experience – Thermaltake X5 Orb FXII

May 14, 2008 | 08:17

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Thermaltake, the world's leading manufacturer of PC chassis, power supply and cooling solution, today announced the latest generation of Orb Series CPU cooler, X5 Orb FXII. With the ever-growing popularity and convergence of PC modding and overclocking, Thermaltake is looking to satisfy the needs of both markets. X5 Orb FX II provides more options, and makes PC more stylish and interesting for modders and overclockers. Throw away the stock cooler and color up your PC!

In order to meet the enthusiast’s needs, X5 Orb FX II supports Intel (socket LGA775) and AMD (socket AM2/AM2+) mainstream platforms. Other than the exceptional cooling capability of BlueOrb FX, X5 Orb FXII provides the special LED display function to grip the cooling status. It shows the current temperature of the fan in both ℃ / ℉ and the real-time fan rotation speed. The patented radiant design not only cools the CPU but also helps to cool the surrounding VRM as well. The special crotched fin design on X5 Orb FXII provides maximum heat dissipation with massive aluminum fins counting up to140.

Colorful design is the trend of 3C products nowadays; Thermaltake insist on providing the best product with fashionable design. X5 Orb FXII is more than just a high utility cooler, it is also an excellent decoration on your PC; it will not only satisfy you with its cooling excellence, but also with superb visual stimulation!

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