abit FunFab is the “Hot Product” for this Winter

November 21, 2008 | 10:47

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Picture Frame with Photo Printer: an absolute walk-over for non-professionals.

November 21, 2008 - The abit FunFab is an elegant digital picture frame with a built-in photo printer which delivers 10 x 15 cm glossy prints in lab quality in less than one minute. The easy user-friendly menu navigation makes handling of the FunFab a breeze. The German ultimate test site TweakPC.de thoroughly examined the FunFab, and labelled it a “Top Product.”

TweakPC emphasizes the practical aspects of the FunFab in daily life. By combining a high quality photo printer with the digital picture frame as an integrated solution, the device not only provides a complete color solution, but also effectively saves space. And this is accomplished in an attractive design.

“Apart from a reasonable price and also very low costs for consumable materials (36 pictures for 12 Euro), the device saves a lot of space too. This is not only because both device categories were merged into each other, but also because the photo printer was built upright into the device.”

Easy handling of digital picture frames and photo printers requires above all that photos can be transferred easily and without hassle from a mobile phone or digital camera. To do so, the FunFab provides a number of possible connections.

“In the field of connectivity the P80 appears to be universal. It can directly use digital camera SD memory cards, MMCs, Memory Sticks, or xD Picture Cards. Besides this there is also a USB connector for USB memory sticks, mobile phones and digital cameras. Using this facility we took the liberty of connecting a universal Flash Card Reader to the USB connector of the P80 and it was recognized at once. This makes, the device compatible with other memory media as well, and this will allow it to be much more secure on the market of the future.”

Basically, everything is self-explanatory and intuitive. Viewing and printing is very easy and the all-in-one photo cartridge allows effortless handling of the FunFab. The used cartridge can be removed with single flick of the wrist, a second step inserts a new one and 36 photos are waiting to be printed out again.

The device's main strongpoint is high user friendliness. No complicated steps are required to enjoy the device. Simply switch the P80 on, and it will run its program. When you want to print a picture, simply press the “Print Button.” This is an absolute walk-over even for a non-professional.

More information about abit is available here: www.abit.com.tw/

More information about the FunFab product line is available here: www.funfab.de
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