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October 28, 2008 | 15:12

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October 27, 2008– During abit’s Taiwan roadshow the abit FunFab made stop at the Taipei Westin Hotel to take part in BGC Partners’ financial VIP soiree during October 17th. BGC Partners is an internationally renown investment company and held their yearly VIP evening to celebrate the success of 2008 with their investors and partners.

The evening was filled with enthralling shows and a variety of stars from the entertainment industry. To round it all up, the abit FunFab took center stage in a huge photography contest where participants could have taken pictures with their favorite stars and have them printed out right at the spot.

VIPs from the financial industry put their hard works aside and prepared to enjoy the classy entertainment show arranged by BGC Partners, Inc.

The immediate printing service the abit FunFab provided was much appreciated by all the VIPs and became center of the event. Besides changing a name card to introduce yourself to a new acquaintance, the abit FunFab gave all VIPs an even more relaxed way to get to know one another by having taken their photos together, print them out right away and share them with their new friends.

At such special occasions, the abit FunFab’s immediate printing service doesn’t only help you later to remember the faces of the people you met but it also keeps the entire atmosphere of the event alive. So in the future you won’t be staring at a name card whilst wondering who that person could have been, with the FunFab you’ll have their faces right at hand even after the party.

Organizer: BGC International
Co-Organizer: OTE Communications Consultants Inc.
Sponsor: Universal ABIT Co., Ltd.
Sponsor Product : abit FunFab

The abit FunFab is the world’s first product combining a stylish digital photo frame and a lab-quality photo printer into one single convenient device. What makes the abit FunFab superior is that the lab-quality dye-sub printing technology not only transfers digital images onto the photo paper, but also gives each photo a special coating. This coating protects the photo and keeps it safe from damages through sun light, dust or even water. The abit FunFab provides you an innovative all-in-one cartridge design. Just conveniently slide in one single cartridge and you are ready to go to print out your photos within less than 1 minute’s time.

With a click of a button, you can easily print out photos you just took with your digital camera or cell phone through abit FunFab.

To check out the abit FunFab series, go here: FunFab: www.abit.com.tw/funfab/en/index.html
For more information about abit, go here: abit: www.abit.com.tw/page/en/index.php
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