abit wins support from the Taiwan Design Center for new generation FunFab

September 23, 2008 | 11:32

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“abit and Process work together for new generation FunFab”

September 23, 2008- The award-winning abit FunFab is a digital photo frame with an integrated lab-quality photo printer. Disguised by a stylish digital picture frame in front, this innovative and unique product brings the photo lab right into your living room. Gathering with friends and family you now print out your favorite memories with one single click. That’s true photo fun in style. The FunFab is currently available in four models as 7 inch and 8 inch versions.

abit has a long standing history in the industry for close cooperation with their users. Listening to the market needs, constantly surveying possibilities for improvements, and interaction with media as well as customers to provide the best user-experience and convenience for their products. Just recently abit was awarded special government funds through the renown Taiwan Design Center (TDC) in recognition of their efforts to set design and usability standards on a world-class level. This kicks off an entirely new FunFab series in cooperation and with assistance from the prestigious Swiss design house Process.

Peter Wirz, the founder of Process and well-known Swiss designer, and Jeroen Bijsmans, the Dutch art director of Process Taiwan, both are experienced in working with designing consumer products, electronics, and medical products, will lend their special expertise from different design fields to this project. abit and Process are very excited about the collaboration with the support of the Taiwan Design Center, expecting to implement yet more innovative product design know-how into their future and up-coming products..

About Process

Process partners for corporate design, product design and corporate communications. We approach our work as an interdisciplinary process and question current thinking and action. Our goal is develop new and autonomous solutions that effectively help to create an unmistakable corporate identity.

About Taiwan Design Center (TDC)

TDC is prepared to build a platform of comprehensive services for creative design development. Using design policies, technological research, industry support, intelligent management, and nationwide promotion, the TDC has established a cooperative mechanism among domestic industries, government agencies, academic and research institutes that will strengthen partnerships across many sectors and regions. The TDC will function as an international design launching platform, integrating design resources from all over the world. Taiwan’s industrial and design service sectors will be ale to comply with global trends, to demonstrate first-class design capabilities, and to stand out in the international market.


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