Boxee Social Media Centre Software Due to Launch UK Speific News, Amoung other Improvements

January 8, 2009 | 12:23

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Thursday we release integration for Joost, MTV Music, and last but not least... BBC iPlayer! We've got a number of bug fixes and enhancements as well including:

For keyboard users we included support for some basic stuff:

•  + TAB - lets you switch to other Mac apps (even when boxee is in full screen)
•  + F - toggles between Window mode and Full screen.
• shift + letter - jump to the place in the list that starts with that letter (e.g. shift+h will save you a bunch of clicks to get to Heroes on Hulu)
bug fixes & enhancements:

• dual screen support
• Netflix streaming improvements
• Search in Hulu
• ffwd, rewind, pause in Comedy Central
• improved mouse support
• 3 digits episode numbers recognized
• giving folder.jpg its proper priority
• updates to SMB library
• updates to video and audio playback libraries
• updates to Flash player

we also created, which provides basic guidelines for developers who want to build apps to run on boxee. this will continue to grow over the next few months based on your requests. an early example of using the boxee API is work done by Orange Labs (from the France Telecom group) who created a boxee application for their photo sharing service Pikeo.
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