CyberLink’s Products to Fully Exploit Windows 7 Improvements

May 4, 2009 | 11:53

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London, UK—April 30, 2009— CyberLink Corporation (5203.TW) is working closely with Microsoft Corp. to take full advantage of the advanced capabilities of Windows 7.

“Windows 7 has proven to be an ideal platform for CyberLink’s next generation digital media software applications,” said Alice Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “From video architecture improvements to the exciting new multi-touch user interface extensions, Microsoft has provided a solid foundation for high performance desktop media applications. CyberLink is working closely with Microsoft, leading chip manufacturers, and PC manufacturers on the development of digital media applications that deliver the best user experience for Windows 7.”

Windows 7 has been optimized for high performance in many ways. CyberLink’s performance optimized video and photo applications take full advantage of Windows 7 on any hardware platform, with any CPU and graphics hardware.

“We’re excited to see the advanced digital media software applications that CyberLink is developing in preparation for the Windows 7 launch,” said Jeff Price, Senior Director in the Windows Product Group at Microsoft. “Through close collaboration with Windows core and component product teams, including our Windows Media Center, Touch, Windows Media, Direct3D, and PlayReady teams, CyberLink is fully leveraging the advanced capabilities of the Windows 7 platform.“

PowerDVD, CyberLink’s popular video player software, exploits video architecture improvements in Windows 7, including DirectX Video Acceleration for High Definition (DXVA HD). PowerDVD 9 provides a modern user interface, while also plugging in seamlessly to Windows Media Center, letting consumers enjoy videos, DVDs and Blu-ray discs from their desk, on the go, or from the comfort of their couch.

PowerDirector takes advantage of Windows 7 to provide the fastest and easiest high definition video editing, DVD and Blu-ray authoring and web video sharing. MediaShow provides the easiest, most enjoyable way to manage, edit and share your photo and video library. CyberLink’s multi-touch applications will benefit from the power of Windows 7 on next generation touch screen hardware, making PCs easier to use than ever before.

CyberLink develops these best-in-class capabilities on the most widely supported personal computer operating system, benefiting from strong support from Microsoft and the Windows community, including PC manufacturers, CPU and graphics chip manufacturers, independent hardware manufacturers, independent software developers, business customers and consumers. Windows 7 and CyberLink’s advanced multimedia applications will ship on a wide variety of brand name PCs, from Netbooks to workstations, enabling the full potential of the latest hardware technology.

About CyberLink
CyberLink Corp is the leader and pioneer in enabling digital multimedia on PCs and CEs through the use of video editing software, DVD player software, and other multimedia solutions. Backed by a group of high-caliber software engineers, CyberLink owns its core codec and a number of patented technologies. CyberLink has built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality, interoperable, and fast time-to-market solutions that keep our OEM partners on the leading edge. Our business partners include leaders in the PC industry: drive manufacturers, graphics-card makers, and top-5 desktop and notebook brands. Today, CyberLink’s software solutions include: complete applications for Blu-ray Discs, digital home entertainment, TV-on-PC and human resource development. With customers spanning from multi-national corporations to small/medium-sized businesses, and from power users to home users, CyberLink has enjoyed rapid and consistent growth leading to a record breaking IPO in 2000 on the Taiwan Over The Counter Exchange (OTC: 5203). Currently, CyberLink is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: 5203.TW). CyberLink's worldwide headquarters is located in Taipei. To keep up with market demands, CyberLink has operations in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, including Japan. For more information, please visit CyberLink's website at
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