ArtRage for iPad v. 1.0.4 Now Available- "Future Canvas" iPad Art Event Sat, Dec 4 in San Francisco

December 5, 2010 | 03:36

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ArtRage for iPad Sponsors “Future Canvas” – First Event Dedicated to iPad Art

Sat, Dec 4, San Francisco at 6:30 PM

ArtRage for iPad v. 1.0.4 is now available at the Apple iTunes Store. ArtRage for iPad lets you become a mobile digital artist on your iPad, providing the experience of actually “painting” digitally on an iPad canvas with oil paints that smear and blend, and watercolors that flow together to create soft, wet gradations, just as they would in a traditional art studio. Info:

ArtRage for iPad v. 1.0.4 New Features Include:

iOS4.2 Features:

* iOS4.2 Printing support: Print your images via AirPrint.
* Multi-tasking Support: Get right back to painting without waiting when you return to the app.

General Features (iOS3.2 or later):

* Stability improvements: Significant enhancements to stability and memory handling.
* User definable canvas sizing: Create new files at any size up to 1440 x 1440.
* Quick Access Color Sampling: Access color sampling via simple toggle switch.
* Zoom Level: Precise zoom level is indicated while you zoom.
* User Interface Enhancements: Includes current preset highlights and other visual feedback.

See the full feature list of v. ArtRage for iPad is available immediately for $6.99 at the Apple iTunes Store. The desktop versions of ArtRage for Mac & PC are also available with more features: The desktop versions of ArtRage for Mac & PC are also available with more features (see list:, ArtRage 3 Studio and ArtRage 3 Studio Pro, priced at $40 and $80 respectively. For more information, see For review copies of ArtRage for iPad or desktop:

Contact: Karen Thomas, Thomas PR



ArtRage for iPad is sponsoring Future Canvas, the first event dedicated to iPad art and the iPad as an emerging medium, tomorrow, Saturday, December 4th at the Box Factory, 865 Florida St., San Francisco, CA, 6:30 PM - on. Info and tickets:

Future Canvas Schedule, Sat., Dec. 4th, San Francisco:

6:30 PM: Press Event

8:00 PM: Opening talk by Scott Snibbe, Gravilux/

8:30 PM: Gallery Party


ArtRage for iPad Logo:

Artist David Kassan’s Painting Using ArtRage for iPad “Jasmine Commerce”:

Artist David Kassan Using ArtRage for iPad (photo by L. Fishkin):

ArtRage for iPad Nelson’s Starwar Boy:

ArtRage for iPad Photo:
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