SEGA Update: OutRun, HOTD, Mega Drive Collection, Black Knight, Facebook, More..

January 26, 2009 | 09:22

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OutRun Online Arcade

The achievements have just been exclusively revealed on the SEGA Europe Blog! Check them out here -

Sonic & The Black Knight

On the Sonic blog we’re currently letting fans send in questions to potentially be used in a Q&A with video game composing supremo, VGL creator and composer of some tracks from SBK Tommy Tallarico. Fans are being encouraged to leave their questions via the comments system and we’ll be getting Tommy to answer them very soon. We’ll be taking questions up until Tuesday.

SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection

If you’ve not seen them yet the achievements for SMDUC are here:
And the unlockable titles were revealed yesterday here:, screenshots for these titles are available on the SEGA Europe Flickr account.
Just in case you missed it here’s the awesome SMDUC vinyl soundtrack we’re going to be giving away as well:

The House Of The Dead OVERKILL

Martin went to Brand for brains and they gave him… t-shirts and a mighty pair of guns Hand Cannons. Actually Martin went a bit nuts yesterday with blog updates on HOTD as more and more things arrived so I’ll run down what was revealed.

The boxed Hand Cannons – specially made in conjunction with Overkill and being sold separately:
A new HOTDO t-shirt:
The HOTDO prelude comic that comes with the limited edition version:
Some screens went up earlier this week as well:

Sonic’s Facebook Page -

Sonic continued to be a rather popular chap and our now has over 233,000 fans on his Facebook page. Following the success of the “favourite SEGA Console” poll on our SEGA Facebook (now over 40k) we’ve just put our first poll on Sonic. Since a favourite character poll would only put Sonic first we’ve decided to see which of the other Sonic characters people choose after Sonic – whether people prefere to play with Amy, Knuckles, Shadow, Tails …or someone else! We’re also rewarding the best posts on Sonic’s wall on the subject with a SEGA/Sonic goodie bag. Knuckles has an early lead with Shadow and Tails in equal second… should prove for some interesting results!
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