GeCube Touts X1600 HDMI

Written by Wil Harris

June 5, 2006 | 10:15

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Taipei (June 5, 2006) – GECUBE the major supplier of the world’s leading graphics card brand, announced today, is showcasing several new graphics cards at the Computex 2006 exhibition in Taipei. The new products on display at the Into-Tek booth include the GECUBE X1600 Gemini dual-core platform and GECUBE X1600 HDMI high-spec audiovisual display card, and several new handheld multimedia devices. The impressive range of brand-new products that GECUBE has brought to Computex2006 is sure to leave visitors to the exhibition open-mouthed with astonishment.

Combining a fanless HeatPipe heat dissipation system with high-spec audiovisual capabilities: The GECUBE X1600 HDMI Noise-free Version.

The GECUBE X1600 HDMI display card supports simultaneous video and audio output. Users can transmit audio and high-definition HDTV images from their PC to a large screen high-definition TV set, DVD player, Personal Video Recorder (PVR) or digital video converter, taking home entertainment to new heights of enjoyment. The GECUBE X1600 HDMI's Noise-free HeatPipe heat dissipation system makes for rapid, quiet operation. The painstaking design of the heat dissipation system makes it possible for this high-performance solution to be installed even in mini-PCs!

Exclusive single-card CrossFire capability: The GECUBE X1600 Gemini Dual GPU Series
The GECUBE Gemini Dual GPU display card is a unique dual-core display card equipped with two X1600 core (manufactured using ATI 90nm process technology). With this product, the CrossFire platform can be activated using just one card, and with a 1.5-fold improvement in performance. The GECUBE Gemini Dual GPU display card, which also supports 4-port digital video output, represents a whole new concept in digital home entertainment!
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