MSI 45nm AM3 / AM2+ CPU support list

November 13, 2008 | 16:02

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MSI Ready to support the latest AMD AM3/AM2+ 45nm CPU's

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The upcoming AMD 45nm Phenom™ quad-core processors are due to arrive at the end of the year. Today, in order to try push clock performance and low power consumption, AMD have brokenthrough the 65nm limit. The official threshold of the new 45nm process processor technology, will allow the current Phenom™ processor to break the 2.6GHz maximum clock, and raise clock speed to 3.0GHz. This will also mean the processor TDP, will reduce to from 140W to 125W. The addition of DDR3 memory support is the most important feature of the AM3 CPU. It is a major upgrade for users looking for the high-performance AMD platform.

MSI today announces over 20 mainboards already with support for these processors, well before the 45nm Phenom™ processor reach sale in the market. With this announcement MSI provides an easy upgrade concept for future proof CPU support. The upgradeable BIOS allow the previous Socket AM2+ mainboard to support the AM3 and AM2+ 45nm processors. At present, a number of products have completed the pre-verification procedures, and enables consumers to download the BIOS, including the AMD 7 series and NVIDIA® series chipset based products. Users will enjoy the fun of upgrading to new nanometer process processor and keep one step ahead of the competition.

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K9A2 Platinum AMD® 790FX Beta BIOS(A7376AMS.166)

DKA790GX AMD® 790GX A7550AMS.130

DKA790GX Platinum AMD® 790GX A7550AMS.130

KA790GX AMD® 790GX Beta BIOS(A7551AMST.123)

KA780G AMD® 780G Beta BIOS(A7551AMST.G23)

KA790GX-M AMD® 790GX Beta BIOS(A7551AMST.H23)

KA780G-M AMD® 780G Beta BIOS(A7551AMST.323)

K9A2 Neo2 AMD® 770 Beta BIOS(A7388AMS.713T)

K9A2 Neo-F AMD® 770 Beta BIOS(A7388AMST.185)

K9A2 CF AMD® 790X Beta BIOS(A7388AMST.185)

K9N2 Diamond NVIDIA nForce® 780a SLI Beta BIOS(A7375NMS.221T)

K9N2 SLI Platinum NVIDIA nForce® 750a SLI Beta BIOS(A7374NMS.331T)

K9A2GM-FD / FIH / FIH-S AMD® 780G Beta BIOS(A7501AMS.153)

K9A2VM-FD AMD® 780V Beta BIOS(A7501AMS.153)

K9A2VM-FIH AMD® 780V Beta BIOS(A7501AMS.153)

KA780VM AMD® 780V Beta BIOS(A7549AMS.111)

KA780GM2 AMD® 780G Beta BIOS(A7549AMS.311)

KA780GM AMD® 780G Beta BIOS(A7552AMST.211)

KA780GM-M AMD® 780G Beta BIOS(A7552AMST.121)

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