MSI P7N Series, The Best Gaming Choice Coming

December 17, 2007 | 16:29

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MSI P7N Series, The Best Gaming Choice Coming - 45nm CPU and 3-Way SLI Ready

Taipei, Taiwan – Micro-Star International (MSI), has always been committed to give its consumers the best gaming performance, that’s why MSI has already prepared P7N Diamond and P7N SLI Platinum motherboards to support the 45nm Intel processor at the same time when new nForce chipset launches. P7N Diamond utilizes nForce780i chipset together with top performance specifications and supports 3-way SLI technology. While, P7N SLI Platinum utilizes nForce750i chipset, making this motherboard cost-effective. “P7N series motherboards are the best SLI gaming choice for Intel 45nm processor, providing the ultimate gaming experience based on both processors & graphics side”, said Vincent Lai, MSI worldwide marketing director.

Highly Efficient Circu-Pipe and GreenPower Design
The use of selected high-grade components is the common characteristic of the P7N series motherboards. Although the two motherboards have different market segments, they both come with MSI’s exclusive Circu-Pipe design. Circu-pipe can effectively reduce the high temperature from the chipset and MOSFET. This design improves the system stability and product life. Processor power supply of P7N series motherboards are base on four phases PWM IC and through MSI’s exclusive dual channel design, it can reach more than eight phase power quality and increase the efficiency of power conversion. This not only allows power supply to become more stable, but also reduces the heat produced, especially during huge overclocking.

Selected high-quality solid capacitors and POSCAP!
The all capacitors on these two motherboards are high-quality solid capacitors that are made in Japan. These capacitors with low impedance and high ripple current and other characteristics provide better filtering effect. To further highlight P7N Diamond products, the PWM capacitors on this motherboard are based on POSCAP. POSCAP (Polymerized Organic Semiconductor Capacitor) is a high grade product recently developed by Sanyo. The look of POSCAP is similar to Tantalum capacitor which is used on motherboards in the past. But it has better ripple current and dissipation factor characteristic. The impedance values of general capacitor will differ due to the operating frequency change. The most commendable of POSCAP is that in all kinds of operating frequencies, this product can maintain low impedance characteristics. So, POSCAP is suitable for motherboards with high-frequency switching power supply.

45nm Processor and 3-way SLI ready!
P7N series motherboards are Intel 45nm processor and 3-way SLI ready. The 45nm Quad Core CPU support brings more benefits to multimedia and multitasking by enhancing the performance and reducing the waiting time for any kind of applications. It provides extremely high definition audio/video stream editing and offers higher performance on 3D gaming and professional graphic rendering.

MSI design quad PCI-E VGA slot on P7N Diamond for more than the new Nvidia 3-way SLI technology, also comes with PCI-E Gen2 to offer wider bandwidth. This will bring higher 3D gaming resolutions with more detail DX10 effects. What’s more, it also enhances the 3D frame rate to a higher level for more smooth gaming experience.

P7N Diamond Nvidia 780i SLI Chipset Based

Supports Intel Core™ 2 Extreme/Quad/Duo Processors with FSB 1333MHz
Supports Dual Ch. DDR2-1066/800/667
POSCAP equipped on PWM
New Circu-Pipe equipped
Quad PCI Express x16 slots supports Nvidia 3-way SLI X16 (PCIe 2.0)
Supports eSATA
Supports Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio

P7N SLI Platinum Nvidia 750i SLI Chipset Based
Supports Intel Core™ 2 Extreme/Quad/Duo Processors with FSB 1333MHz
Supports Dual Ch. DDR2-1066/800/667
Triple PCI Express x16 slots supports Nvidia SLI X8 (PCIe 2.0)
Supports eSATA
Supports 7.1 Ch. HD Audio
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