NEC Computers reveals the roll out of its new European strategy

July 8, 2009 | 10:53

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Greater value and innovation at the service of business

Puteaux, France -25 June 2009 -NEC Computers, a subsidiary of NEC Corporation, reveals its goals for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region (EMEA): to become one of the three leading players in the European Server and Storage market by 2015. To achieve this, NEC Computers will subscribe to the NEC group's global vision: to be the world's leading computer manufacturer by combining the power of innovation with respect for the environment.

New solutions, new partners, synergy between the different technology divisions of NEC, a new management team: these are the keys of the NEC Computers strategic shift.

NEC Computers' strategy
IT Departments have to confront complex challenges: how to combine competitiveness, cost reductions, performance and the environment? NEC aims to respond to these new challenges through innovation and to free businesses from the constraints imposed by their infrastructure, enabling them to perform better and more effectively.

NEC's approach involves breaking the global vision of the information system down to a modular, flexible approach in three key areas:

• Responsible performance, an environmental approach: a new range of servers with low energy consumption, a turnkey desktop and server virtualisation solution, physical and virtual environment management and automation tools.
• Information system availability: providing world leading and unrivalled high availability solutions.
• Productivity through collaborative solutions: making the benefits of unified communications accessible to businesses of any size.

To succeed in its goal, NEC's strategy is based on three pillars:

1/ Products and solutions which differentiate NEC from the competition

NEC has refocused on infrastructure solutions, servers and storage, and is pursuing its desktop development strategy around virtualisation technology, making the virtualised desktop cheaper to run and easier to manage than a traditional PC

With its strong capacity for innovation, NEC has driven the change towards greater value for businesses by launching a number of solutions in recent months: the modular A1160 server for transactional systems, the Eco Center solution to reduce energy consumption and increase data centre performance, the "all in one" Flexpower infrastructure solution, which includes servers, storage and network on a single chassis.

2/ Pertinent sales channels

NEC Computers offers its products and services exclusively through indirect channels.
The three levers to develop its business are:

• "One NEC"
By encouraging the synergy between the different NEC entities in Europe, the NEC group offers complete, integrated solutions ranging from effective security systems, through broadband telecommunications equipment, to powerful IT systems. References such as the O2 site in London or Grenoble Stadium in France reflect this ability for innovation and integration.

• The high value added distribution network
While leveraging existing partnerships, the new NEC Computers is developing its network of Value Added Distributors, by forming alliances with challengers with their own high Value Added Systems Integrator and Reseller Network.

• Vertical solutions integrators
NEC is working with different players in vertical market sectors such as banking, healthcare, distribution, airports to offer relevant, innovative turnkey solutions.

3/ A new flexible and responsive organisation
To support NEC Computers' new IT strategy in the EMEA region, Tong Chhor (ex Atos, Prime Computers, Sun Microsystems, 4Front, Osiatis) is creating a flexible, responsive organisation which combines both the dynamism of young managers and the effectiveness of experienced managers.

NEC Computers' very "flat" organisation illustrates its desire to delegate resources to operational levels, and to empower teams, managers and employees together, to favour work in the field and to put customer service first on a daily basis.


About NEC Computers

A subsidiary of the Japanese NEC Corporation group, NEC Computers offers a complete, innovative range of IT, infrastructure solutions (servers, storage, software) and virtualised workstations. NEC Computers operates in professional markets in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The Japanese NEC group is a worldwide leader in Information Technology, Networking and Electronic Components, with a turnover of 44 billion dollars (figures as at 31-05-2009) and has over 143,000 employees worldwide. As demonstrated by its slogan “Empowered by Innovation”, the NEC Group puts technological innovation at its clients’ service. NEC devotes nearly 8% of its turnover to Research and Development, from bioplastics to super computers.

NEC is a registered trade mark of the NEC Corporation. All rights reserved. © 2008 NEC Computers S.A.S.
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