New Gratuitous Space Battles Screenshots

Written by Joe Martin

September 16, 2009 | 09:46

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Resistance is Futile.
Your Fleet is too weak to resist us.
Prepare to be destroyed in as gratuitous and photogenic fashion as possible.

Positech Games, The one-man indie developer from deepest England, is happy to release four gratuitous new screenshots from the upcoming space strategy game 'Gratuitous Space Battles'.
GSB is a space strategy game like no other. The days of playing long tedious campaigns that center around resource management, worrying about how much steel and unobtanium you can mine in order to build one puny space fighter are gone. The future is bright. The future is Gratuitous Space Battles.

What is GSB?
GSB puts you in charge of BIG space fleets, right from the very start, moving on to BIGGER spacefleets, and then simply stupidly big space fleets. Your job is to put together the most ingenious ship designs, the most deadly fleets, and issue the most cunning orders. Once your fleet is in position and ready for battle, your hard work is done. It's time to crack open a can of space-beer and watch your enemy be pulverised in an artistically pleasing ballet of high-energy destruction.

What's new about GSB?
GSB brings back two components of PC gaming that have been neglected. Real strategy, and play-by-email (kind of...).
Most strategy games are nothing of the sort, relying more on tactical mid-battle mind-changing and frantic mouse clicking. GSB does away with all of that by making the actual battle non-interactive. It's a bold, scary step for a PC game to take. The kind of step only plucky indie game developers with nobody to answer to can do...

The second element, play-by-email, is also worth a mention. Email is of course, so last year, so GSB handles the exchanges between players within the game from a central server. Players put together the most cunning fleet they can think of, and then challenge either a specific player, or everyone with a copy of GSB to do their best to beat it. A high score table ensures bragging rights are correctly distributed.

When can people give you money?
GSB is currently in beta, but some cunning players are already playing the game, because beta copies are being delivered to everyone who pre-orders the game. You can buy direct from the developer at, and get a FREE fuzzy warm feeling of cutting out the evil publishers.

The new screenshots are here:

Or in handy zip form here:
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