New VIA Thin Server Board for Eco-Friendly Small Business Storage

April 1, 2008 | 09:00

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New VIA Thin Server Board for Eco-Friendly Small Business Storage

Power efficient, DVD drive-sized VIA NAS 7800 segment board with up to 8 SATA drives targeted at SME network attached storage applications

Taipei, Taiwan, 28 March 2008 - VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of embedded silicon and platform technologies, today announced the VIA NAS 7800 board, specifically designed to meet the needs of thin server and NAS segment system builders.

Thin servers such as network attached storage are proving increasingly popular with small and medium sized enterprises looking for secure, energy-efficient data storage without investing in large, expensive and power-hungry corporate solutions. Boasting up to eight S-ATA II ports and two Gigabit ports, the VIA NAS 7800 combines extensive storage flexibility and a power-efficient, secure platform to meet these needs.

Powered by a low heat, energy-efficient 1.5GHz VIA C7® processor, with an optional fanless VIA Eden™ sku, the VIA NAS 7800 board also features a proprietary MFX module for comprehensive wake-up scheduling, allowing IT managers to power servers down at nights or weekends for considerable savings on electricity usage.

The VIA NAS 7800 uses a unique 19cm x 14.3cm form factor, same size as a standard optical disk drive, with I/O aligned to allow easy integration into standard drive-sized chassis or even in multiple configuration within a 1U server, offering an innovative approach to NAS systems for small and medium sized businesses.

Complete system security is assured through the onboard TPM module for key generation and storage and the VIA PadLock Security Engine integrated directly onto the processor die, which when enabled provides ultra fast, military grade hardware encryption and decryption of data.

“The VIA NAS 7800 is designed to address the needs of the modern digital work place, making it ideal for the new generation of thin server products for small and medium sized enterprise,” said Daniel Wu, Vice President, VIA Embedded Platform Division, VIA Technologies, Inc. “VIA’s segment specific products are spearheading targeted platforms with industry-leading power efficiency, security and reliability.”

About the VIA NAS 7800

The VIA NAS 7800 is powered by a VIA C7 1.5 GHz processor with optional fanless VIA Eden-based skus available to project customers. Scalable storage needs are more than adequately met with the support for up to eight S-ATA II ports with 1.5Gbits/sec and 3Gbits/sec data transfer rates, and for Native Command Queuing. Network support includes Gigabit Ethernet ports and an optional integrated IEEE-802.11g VIA wireless module.

Featuring the VIA CN700 chipset, the VIA NAS 7800 supports up to 1GB of DDR2 system memory, integrated VIA Unichrome™ Pro Integrated Graphics, an onboard IDE connector, a type-I Compact Flash slot, two COM ports and up to 6 USB 2.0 ports. The unique 19cm x 14.3 cm form factor matches that of a standard optical drive bay for easy deployment in standard disk drive chassis.

The VIA NAS 7800 features a TPM chip for superior software and content security. Security can be further augmented by enabling the VIA PadLock™ Security Engine, a hardware based security technology that provides the latest military-grade key encryption and protection with the world's fastest x86 security engine. A fully programmable MFX chip provides flexible system scheduling with wake-up, stand-by and event logging functions. A software WatchDog timer is included along with 5V/12V pins for an LCM/Keypad user interface and both GPIO and DI ports with SMI hardware interrupt functions.

The NAS 7800 has an operating temperature of 0–60oC and supports Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP/XPe, and Linux.

Full specifications of the VIA NAS 7800 may be found on the VIA website at:

VIA NAS 7800 Board Availability

Samples are available now to system developers only; for more details and pricing, please contact your local VIA sales representative or send an email to:

About VIA Technologies, Inc.

VIA Technologies, Inc is the foremost fabless supplier of power efficient x86 processor platforms that are driving system innovation in the PC, client, ultra mobile and embedded markets. Combining energy-saving processors with digital media chipsets and advanced connectivity, multimedia and networking silicon enables a broad spectrum of computing and communication platforms, including its widely acclaimed ultra compact mainboards. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, VIA’s global network links the high tech centers of the US, Europe and Asia, and its customer base includes the world’s top OEMs and system integrators.
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