Anders 2.3” Round TFT Emulates Gauges, Dials, Clocks - with No Moving Parts

March 31, 2010 | 14:30

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Anders’ newest colour 2.3” TFT LCD display offers a unique round display face that enables realistic emulation of round gauges and dials for automotive, consumer, industrial and marine applications.

LONDON, UK – MARCH 30, 2010 – Anders Electronics, market leader in innovative electronic device display experience optimization, has announced the availability of its unique 2.3” round TFT LCD. Offering excellent indoor and outdoor optical specifications, superb guaranteed availability, flexible manufacturing volume options, and outstanding cost-performance advantages - the 2.3” round TFT is ideal for automotive, consumer, industrial and marine applications, traditionally requiring mechanical dials or gauges.

Anders’ lightweight, slim and compact 2.3” (240 x (RGB) x 240 pixels) round display is comprised of an octagonal display and bezel, with a circular aperture in the bezel giving the display its round face. Featuring pixel-in-stripe configuration, the display also offers a built-in 16 bit parallel MPU system bus interface – eliminating the need for an external LCD controller.

The amorphous silicon-based colour TFT display was developed for use in an extended -30°C to +80°C temperature range, making it suitable for a wide variety of demanding indoor/outdoor applications - including automotive and marine. At the same time, the displays offer high colour saturation, surface luminance of 1000 cd/m2 resulting in exceptional sunlight readability, high contrast ratio (400:1), 65K colours, and extra-wide viewing angles of 75/75/50/75°.

Adding further value to the 2.3” round TFT, Anders also offers a range of display enhancements, including EMI filters (low Ohm ITO coatings, and wire mesh filters), filters for light optics, and a variety of finishes, polarizers, retarders, EMI Windows, Broad Band PET, anti-reflective, and light control films for extra privacy. Additionally, Anders offers optically-bonded protective glass windows and touchscreens for flat panel displays of many sizes, ideal for rugged industrial applications.

“The unique round 2.3” display basically eliminates any remaining need for high-maintenance mechanical gauges or dials in industrial and consumer products – including cars and boats,” said Mike Logan, Product Manager at Anders Electronics. “Not only can this display effectively emulate mechanical gauges, dials and clocks without the need for moving parts, it actually enables multiple dial designs to be stored in memory and displayed on screen as required,” he concluded.

About Anders Electronics

Since 1952, Anders Electronics has been helping people interact with technology by streamlining the user-machine interface and optimising the user experience. A leading global supplier of display components, Intelligent Displays and GUI solutions, Anders Electronics also provides world-class design, development, integration, manufacturing and supply chain management.

With over 55 years of experience exceeding the expectations of blue chip customers across a wide range of sectors, unparalleled technological expertise, and an ingrained "people first" service orientation - Anders Electronics offers our OEM clients a single, dedicated source for all their display needs. A global sales and engineering infrastructure in Europe, North America, and the Middle East, coupled with a fulfilment and logistics presence in the Far East, ensure that Anders is available when our clients need us – in their language and time zone.

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