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December 11, 2010 | 05:08

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New Playon!GUI2.0

At AC Ryan, we are constantly working to improve all aspects of our media players to fulfil the best possible digital lifestyle experience. One of the most important features in this is the GUI – Graphical User Interface. This is the feature that interacts most with the user and the easier it is to navigate the GUI, the more fun and effortless the experience will become. Nothing worse than trudging through some old stuttering menu just to get to the movie that will hopefully save your wintry Thursday evening. The new GUI (ingeniously named Playon!GUI2.0) features changes to the layout and programming logic which allows AC Ryan to unleash a truly unique, stylish and user-friendly user experience.

This is the first Realtek-based media player using Transparency in GUI images, giving the Essential something more trendy than current models. Handy functions such as Shortcuts to Recently Added Music or Video, Smart Media Library, Movie Wall and MP3 ID3 tag embedded images brings intuitive navigation which users demand. When added to the features currently available such as ThumbGen, BD ISO Playback and MKV Compressed Headers Playback, the new Playon!GUI2.0 brings the effortless experience to media players – the way it should be.

Playon!GUI2.0 is currently available with the Playon!HD Essential, and will be coming soon in new firmware updates to the entire Playon! series before the end of the year. Watch this space! Screenshots can be found on our Sneak Preview page and our Playon!HD Essential Press Page.

Essential Shipping
The Playon!HD Essential is now shipping! Yet again AC Ryan is the market leader, being the first to ship a new class of no network media player.
It was June 2009, when AC Ryan revolutionized the media player world by being the first to ship the Realtek network Full HD media player processor – the 1073, these days the most popular and most widely used media player processor.
With the Playon!HD Essential, AC Ryan continues to lead the market and again achieves not one, not two, but THREE firsts to market:

# First to ship Realtek’s latest no network Full HD media player processor
# First to ship a public firmware based on Realtek’s new SDK with brand new functions – Playon!GUI2.0 a completely unique AC Ryan user interface
# First to ship a no network media player with the option to upgrade to wireless network

Whilst we cannot always guarantee to be the first each and every time, you can be sure AC Ryan constantly strives to deliver to market the most cutting edge, quality products.
Innovative, engaging, dedicated and committed, ‘out of the box’ thinkers, THE specialist in media players – the reasons why AC Ryan is the No.1* Media Player Brand – while others talk, we deliver.
* source : GfK Retail Report Aug 2010 Netherlands

Essential Wireless-N Network USB Adaptor

The Playon!HD Essential is the first no-network media player with an option to upgrade to a network! AC Ryan has developed an option in the player to make networking possible, for those who would like to make the switch in the future.
Available in January, the Essential USB Wi-Fi dongle will enable users to take advantage of networking on a no-network player, making the Playon!HD Essential truly the best in its class.

MKV Compressed Headers

More and more MKV files are coded with “compressed header” (also known as MKVmerge, MKVToolnix) – a specification which has always been in MKV specifications, but no software used this until recently.
MKV coded with “compressed header” first surfaced a couple of months ago and caught the world of media players by surprise and resulted in the lack of playback of such files. A fix became quite a necessary mission.
AC Ryan quickly responded to users’ feedback and now our players are able to play MKV “compressed header” files, with the majority of media player manufacturers still not implementing this fix, leaving their players restricted without the playback of such an important format.
Playon!HD Essential owners will be able to play all MKV files (incl. this new variation) straight from the box, while Playon!HD, Playon!HD Mini and Playon!DVRHD owners can already update their players with the latest firmware to allow this –

Do you Playon!?

AC Ryan recently organised the biggest promotional campaign for media players ever! “Do You Playon!?” was the question that dominated Twitter in November.
Websites across Europe promoted the campaign with banners, and complaints of a tedious daily journey to work or study were absent for NS train travellers in The Netherlands as the sexy Playon! poster turned some heads!
Thanks to all who took part and congratulations to the winners of great prizes from HARMAN/KARDON, LG, ROCCAT, OCZ and ADATA!

SITEX 2010

AC Ryan was delighted to once again take part at SITEX in Singapore. This event is one of the largest direct sales events in the world and eager bargain hunters went media player crazy!
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