Teufel announces the launch of the Theater 200 5.1 home cinema and Hi-Fi speaker set

January 13, 2010 | 10:05

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Teufel announces the launch of the Theater 200 5.1 home cinema and Hi-Fi speaker set

Berlin, Germany 12 January, 2010: Teufel, Europe’s leading direct seller of loudspeaker systems, is pleased to announce the launch of the Theater 200, a 5.1 home cinema speaker set that offers both unparalleled sound and exceptional style. The Theater 200 is the successor to the legendary Theater 2 – a loudspeaker system that Teufel has founded its home cinema reputation upon.

The Theater 200 is not only great for TV and DVD watching but also for enjoying stereo music, as the satellite speakers provide full Hi-Fi frequency response from every angle. New mid- and low range drivers and tweeter domes with Neodym technology ensure excellent dynamics, a satisfactory room feeling and balance of the highest order, to which the modified frequency substantially contributes. Thanks to Klippel technology the optimisation of the drivers guarantees minimal distortion.

The tweeter of the Theater 200 centre speaker is mounted on top of the speaker and offers the best basis for a perfect impulse and voice playback thanks to runtime calibration. These staggered tweeters are included in the elaborately constructed Theater 200 front speakers, too, while dipoles in the back of the speakers enable you to experience hair-raising, atmospheric sound in the comfort of your sitting room that is reminiscent of the cinema.

The Theater 200 isn’t all brawn and no beauty; it comes in a stunning dark walnut wood finish with a high gloss black front panel – making it a stylish addition to any room up to 50 sqm.

The Theater 200 is backed by an impressive 12 year warranty on loudspeakers and 2 years warranty on amplifiers and electrical components. This, along with Teufel’s eight-week-return policy, makes a Teufel home cinema system the perfect choice.

The Theater 200 system is available now for £804*. For further information please visit www.teufel.eu/uk

*All prices quoted were correct at the time of press however please note that they may be some variance due to the exchange rate of the euro.


About Teufel

Teufel is Europe’s leading direct seller of loudspeaker systems. The company was founded in Berlin in 1979 and quickly became a high-flyer amongst German specialist loudspeaker manufacturers. Over the years, Teufel has developed and manufactured a large number of high-quality audio products.

In addition to home cinema loudspeakers, Teufel’s portfolio also includes multimedia and PC systems as well as various products for iPods under the iTeufel name. In 1996, Teufel was the first German company to launch loudspeakers with a THX licence – an extremely exacting standard for the playback quality of home cinema systems. Today, Teufel offers the largest range of THX loudspeakers in the world. Teufel products are available exclusively via direct sales – guaranteeing you high quality at a fair price
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