The world’s smallest THX Ultra 2-approved 5.1 speaker set Teufel System 8 THX Ultra 2. Smaller size.

June 9, 2010 | 03:08

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Berlin, Germany 3rd June 2010: Teufel, Europe’s leading direct seller of loudspeaker systems, is proud to announce the launch of the System 8 THX Ultra 2 5.1 speaker set. In creating the System 8 THX Ultra 2, Teufel set out to achieve the previously impossible - to engineer a THX Ultra 2-approved 5.1 system that takes up significantly less space than its critically acclaimed Theater 8 system without sacrificing its legendary acoustic performance.
Years of testing
Finally, after years of laboratory trials, countless prototyping cycles, endless measuring and extensive licensing procedures, Teufel unveils the System 8 THX Ultra 2 - the first set of speakers with full, high-end THX credentials which, rather than dominating your living room, blending elegantly into your home. A system that not only meets the goals set by its engineers but far surpasses them, offering not only matched but vastly improved sound quality over the Theater 8.
Take the striking new subwoofer, for example. At only a third the size of its beautiful-yet-behemothic predecessor, the S 8000 SW is the only subwoofer in the world to meet strenuous THX Ultra 2 requirements with a single high-performance bass driver. No other manufacturer has met these stringent standards using a 300mm, 80-litre enclosure.
The S 8000 SW's unbelievable performance is primarily down to its bespoke bass driver, developed over many steps and featuring an extra-long throw capable of filling rooms up to 100 square meters. This extremely efficient 500w speaker features magnetic screening and is capable of generating monstrous bass sounds at volumes previously requiring a much higher amplification level. This resulting in entirely distortion-free, room-filling sound and easily achieves THX's requirements - 114dB at 40Hz with a linearity of +-1 dB. A lower power requirement from the amplifier means less energy use in the long term.
The S 8000 SW's rear-facing DPU bass reflex system, designed by Teufel, virtually eliminates interference - even at high volumes, while a dedicated remote control enables careful tuning and adjustment to suit your room.
Satellites of love
Of course, the sub isn't the only speaker Teufel has worked hard to improve. The system's three S 800 FCR speakers, used for the centre and two front channels, use a new, state of the art flat diaphragm chassis that reduces distortion, minimises diffraction effects and interference - whilst simultaneously slashing 40% off the size of their predecessors. And thanks to a mix of new, computer-aided Klippel optimisation techniques and intensive tuning work by Teufel's skilled engineers, they offer significantly improved acoustic performance.
This enigmatic front speaker can be made to sing at the extremely high volumes required by THX Ultra 2 certification and nevertheless deliver incredible levels of detail. These three-way loudspeakers feature two 130mm bass-and-mid flat honeycomb membrane woofers and a single 25mm fabric tweeter for very high-pitched sounds.
The System 8 THX Ultra 2 creates a beautifully diffuse surround field akin to the all-enveloping sound experienced in a cinema - and this is mainly due to its astonishingly small S 800 D dipole speakers, used in the default Cinema configuration. These wall-mounted cabinets are the smallest rear dipole speakers with THX Ultra 2 certification, yet happily outperform the standards required.
The S 800 D's strong sound foundation enables identification of even low-frequency sound effects occurring behind the listener, creating a truly immersive surround experience. The speakers' 100mm mid-range drivers and 25mm tweeters project both forwards and backwards, using reverse-polarised drivers to create an 'out of phase' effect and deliver diffuse, ambient sound. Meanwhile, a single wall-facing woofer diffuses bass frequencies against its mounted wall.
Sound projected directly at the listener is minimised in favour of ambient sound reflected off walls, creating a captivating and cinematic spatial effect unrivalled by conventional direct speakers.
For listeners who are unable to wall-mount dipole speakers, the Concert Set configuration of the System 8 THX Ultra 2 is available. This replaces the two dipoles with a further two S 800 FCR satellites, enabling speakers to be placed more flexibly.
A momentous achievement
"With the System 8 THX Ultra 2, we truly pushed the boundaries of modern speaker technology to achieve something we - and no one else - had ever done before" explains Christoph Winklmeier, lead engineer on the System 8 project. "By not only achieving but surpassing what we hoped to achieve, we've set a new precedent for 5.1 technology in terms of size vs performance. This achievement truly demonstrates Teufel's knowledge and abilities and is a worthy system to mark our 30th anniversary."
The Teufel System 8 THX Ultra 2 is available now from Teufel's new international website, Three arrangements are available:
Cinema 5.1 - 3x S 800 FCR Satellites, 2x S 800 D dipoles and 1x S 8000 SW Subwoofer - £2899
Concert 5.1 - for spaces in which wall mounting is impossible; 5x S 800 FCR Satellites and 1x S 8000 SW Subwoofer - £3099
Cinema 7.1 - delivering the perfect 360 degree illusion; 5x S 800 FCR Satellites, 2x S 800 D dipoles and 1x S 8000 SW Subwoofer - £3299
Pairs of dipoles can be purchased for £479 at a later date for users wishing to upgrade their 5.1 system to 7.1.
About Teufel

Teufel is Europe’s leading direct seller of loudspeaker systems. The company was founded in Berlin in 1979 and quickly became a high-flyer amongst German specialist loudspeaker manufacturers. Over the years, Teufel has developed and manufactured a large number of high-quality audio products.
In addition to home cinema loudspeakers, Teufel’s portfolio also includes multimedia and PC systems as well as various products for iPods under the iTeufel name. In 1996, Teufel was the first German company to launch loudspeakers with a THX licence – an extremely exacting standard for the playback quality of home cinema systems. Today, Teufel offers the largest range of THX loudspeakers in the world. Teufel products are available exclusively via direct sales – guaranteeing you high quality at a fair price.
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