Award-Winning ASUS Unveil Eco-Friendly and Multimedia Solutions at Computex

June 9, 2010 | 03:09

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ASUS continue to exhibit at Computex 2010 this week, showcasing the latest innovations and products across five major categories – cloud computing, gaming, enthusiast PC components, green computing and multimedia. Three products have also received “Best Choice” Awards – the G51 3D gaming notebook, Eee PC 1015PE and AP-N53 travel router.

More and more people are leaning towards a greener mindset, taking proactive steps to incorporate eco-friendly solutions into their daily lives. The Green ASUS initiative inspires products that are designed to care for the environment - with power-saving technologies such as Super Hybrid Engine and greater use of recyclable materials. Products such as the U Series Bamboo Collection and Designo Series LED monitors allow users to stay practical, stylish and energy-aware with the minimum effort and cost.

As the forefront provider of motherboards and graphics cards worldwide, ASUS is perfectly positioned to offer tailored solutions and introduce exciting new creative technologies – and the brand new TurboUnlocker and ENGTX400 products demonstrate exactly why ASUS are leaders in the field.

ASUS has developed a diverse range of multimedia products with the goal of taking the complexity out of digital media consumption—making it as readily accessible, user-friendly and pleasurable as possible. The Eee Media Player makes downloading and managing media files a breeze, whilst the ASUS SonicMaster technology in the new N and NX Series notebooks takes notebook audio beyond what has previously been possible.

ASUS will be at Computex between 1st and 5th June 2010 – exhibiting at the Taipei International Convention Center, Booths TF1B and 1F1I.

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Award Winners – G51 3D, Eee PC 1015PE and AP-N53:

The ASUS G51 3D notebook has been named “Best Choice of the Year” and “Best Choice” in the “Display & Digital Entertainment” category at this year’s Computex. The decision was made thanks to the 3D gaming notebook’s supreme functionality, power-saving features, uniqueness and innovative design as well as it’s accurate surround sound imaging and high specification.

The Eee PC™ Seashell 1015PE, equipped with Super Hybrid Engine and up to 13.5 hours battery life, was awarded “Best Choice” in the “Green ICT” category due to its remarkable energy efficiency, eco-friendly materials and packaging, as well as the significantly-reduced levels of hazardous materials used during its manufacture.

The tiny ASUS AP-N53 wireless travel router proved to be an easy pick for the “Best Choice” award in the “Communication Products” category because of its incredible flexibility, performance and portability.

Despite measuring a petite 85mm x 60mm, and weighing only 2.2oz, the AP-N53 has full 4-in-1 functionality - serving as a WLAN client, universal repeater, WLAN router and WLAN access point. Operating in two frequency bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz) and with a maximum signal rate of up to 300Mbps, the AP-N53 offers strong signal coverage, reduced wireless interference and enhanced transmission speeds for lag-free and secure high definition video streaming, Internet downloading and network gaming while travelling.

ASUS U Series Bamboo Collection – elegant and eco-friendly:

The U Series Bamboo Collection allows users to feel closer than ever to nature whilst reducing the use of plastic and harmful materials.
Distinguished with a smoky-brown bamboo exterior, off-set by luxurious brushed aluminium surfaces, the U Series Bamboo Collection’s interesting blend of natural and metallic materials amalgamate to deliver a tactile and refined notebook that is perfectly suited for the fashion-savvy user who wants to do their bit for the environment.

Designo Series LED Monitors – slim design meets low power:

In a bid to further lower energy-consumption in its products, ASUS is phasing in mercury-free LED technology into its monitor and notebook product lines.
With a full line-up ranging from 20 to 24 inches, the Designo Series LED monitors use 10,000,000:1 ASUS Smart Contrast Ration technology, delivering true-to-life images in full HD 1080p.

The mercury-free LED-backlit panel gives users up to 45% in power savings when compared to similar LCD monitors—equating to 37.2kWh and 23.6kg of CO2 annually - that’s like planting 1.9 trees a year, and contributing enough oxygen for a family of four for almost two years.

ASUS Smart Energy in Action – monitor and control energy use:

As part of its ongoing commitment to the environment, ASUS has also developed SEA (Smart Energy in Action), a green solution that enables users to easily measure, monitor and analyse their energy consumption at home.

ASUS SEA automatically uploads the collected data to a website, where users can study them in detail and trade tips on how to lower their energy use. As data is hosted on the cloud, users will be able to access the information anytime – wherever they are.

The Green ASUS initiative goes beyond the product life cycle. All ASUS products feature modular parts that can be easily disassembled with common household tools, and are clearly labelled for recycling. With free product recycling services in Europe, North America, and Taiwan, ASUS are taking control of responsibility.

ASUS has a strict hazardous material management philosophy and prefers to use natural or recycled materials. ASUS restricts usage of 130+ hazardous substances, surpassing the requirements of international regulations.

ASUS BW-121B1LT – the world’s fastest 12x Blu-ray Writer:

The ASUS BW-12B1LT is the world’s fastest 12x Blu-ray writer and can instantly convert 2D standard definition movies into 3D with just one click – allowing users to enjoy cinema-quality movies from the comfort of their own home.

As an ideal companion for displaying the stunning 3D visuals, the VG236H monitor leads the way with a 120Hz double-speed, 2ms refresh rate.

ASUS Eee Media Player – pocket-sized entertainment at a low cost:

The ASUS Eee Media Player is the easiest way to search for, download and view multimedia on the TV. It features full web browsing and peer-to-peer capabilities, and consumes very little power (below 10W with the hard disk drive plugged in), making it ideal for downloading large media files. This pocket-sized player supports most video, audio and photo file formats, and has a nifty widget mode which displays the time, weather information and news headlines.

Fast access to a wealth of multimedia with the O!Play HD2

With a larger capacity 3.5” hard drive and NAS support, the ASUS O!Play HD2 is the world’s first media player to sport USB 3.0 technology for data transfers up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0 – as well as a huge range of media formats.

Pre-installed with Opera, the O!Play HD2 offers connections to a rich media library, websites such as Facebook, Google and Flickr as well as access to more than 20,000 digital radio and 100 Internet TV channels. What’s more, it integrates HD audio output for uncompressed 7.1-channel sound output, making it the perfect choice for users seeking a cloud-connected entertainment hub.

ASUS VT22 Multi-touch Monitor – fun at your fingertips:

The ASUS VT22’s multi-touch functionality is fully compliant with Windows 7® gestures and makes interacting with the computer intuitive and effortless, with users able to click, scroll, drag and zoom in on images with their fingertips.

The VT22 also boasts an ergonomic tilt feature that makes it easy to adjust its angle to suit the user’s preferred position when performing gestures.

ASUS SonicMaster: Establishing a New Standard in Notebook Audio:

Whilst notebook graphic capabilities have improved dramatically, audio performance has always lagged behind due to their sonic capabilities – often resulting in tinny sounds which are far behind the video clarity they accompany. ASUS SonicMaster technology closes this gap, debuting on the new N Series and NX series notebooks.

ASUS SonicMaster is the result of co-development between ASUS and Bang & Olufsen ICEPower and provides striking audio for users by extending the speakers’ frequency range by an octave each end – improving audio accuracy by three times and working with optimised software to deliver true-to-life surround sound.
Available in three levels – SonicMaster Lite, SonicMaster and SonicMaster Premium, all needs are covered from personal entertainment and VoIP to high-end music playback.

The Xonar Xense - bringing music to gamers’ ears:

Working together with acclaimed Sennheiser acoustics professionals, ASUS has developed the soundcard-headset combo Xonar Xense and Sennheiser PC350 Xense Edition Package, which pumps out a monstrous 7Vrms power through a built-in headphone amp.

With excellent noise reduction, accurate positioning of audio, meticulous EMI shielding, heavy duty 6.5mm studio jacks and support for Dolby Headphone 5.1 it brings out every tiny aural detail in games, movies and music, optimising sound positioning and audio dynamics to revolutionise gameplay and ambient effects.

Games come to life in startling 118dB sound clarity, supporting EAX, DirectSound and many other standards. The GX 2.5 audio engine drives the ultimate aural experience, making every movement, whisper and gesture tangible.

ASUS Cine5 PC Speaker: Powerful Surround Immersion with Style:

The Cine5 is the first PC speaker in the world to offer pinpoint surround sound with the new "Embracing Sound Theatre HD" technology. This patented technology leverages on the Cine5’s space-saving integration of an array of speaker drivers into a single bar, delivering discrete 5-channel output and enabling precise sound imaging. The Cine5 also revives 5-channel audio from any down-mixed 2-channel source for high-fidelity, multichannel audio during PC gaming or movie sessions. The Cine5 is truly plug-and-play—no software drivers and calibration are required.

Turbo Unlocker - Next generation Motherboard technology:

As the premier supplier of motherboards, ASUS will be demonstrating the latest performance and efficiency-enhancing technologies.
Turbo Unlocker optimises the CPU ratios of the latest Unlocked Intel® Core™ processors, and boosts performance whenever added workload handling is needed for better multitasking media-intensive tasks.

“The desktop performance tuning market is an exciting one where ASUS and Intel have been leaders for many years,” commented Zane Ball, General Manager of the Desktop Platforms Division at Intel. “Turbo Unlocker is a powerful utility that will enable performance tuners to take full advantage of Intel® Extreme Edition and Unlocked enthusiast processors.”

The Dual Intelligent Processors bring even more innovation, leveraging ASUS’ exclusive TPU (TurboV Processing Unit) and EPU (Energy Processing Unit) in a dual-processing architecture that eases system loads while maximizing power efficiency across the board.

Additional recent innovations include the first widescale implementation of USB 3.0 and user-friendly autotuning for superior overclocking.
New motherboards such as the M4A89/M4A88/M4A87 Series also deliver Core Unlocker to activate latent AMD CPU cores for added performance, the most complete and effective solution of its kind.

ASUS ENGTX400 - Harness the full graphics potential:

The new ENGTX400 series graphics cards from ASUS are based on NVIDIA’s GeForce 400 series technology (formerly known as Fermi), and take gaming and graphics to a whole new level of realism.

The ample power of these DX11 cards is harnessed to its full potential by exclusive ASUS technologies such as Voltage Tweak that speeds up the GPU by as much as 50%, and Splendid HD that intelligently improves the colour accuracy, contrast ratio and sharpness of images.

The ENGTX400 cards add further full support for NVIDIA 3D Vision, extending the three dimensional gaming and movie experience to the home - even across multiple screens.

Introducing the Notebook Batteries of Tomorrow:

Continuing it’s innovation trend, ASUS is the first manufacturer to phase in the latest lithium-ion battery technology – fitted as standard in the new Business Series B43 and B53 notebooks.

The eco-friendly Boston Power Sonata Series batteries have longer life cycles, are faster to charge, safer, and more cost effective. It is the only green-certified rechargeable lithium-ion notebook computer battery cell available, and the technology has been accredited by both Scandinavian and mainland China environmental testing standards, and has received RoHS certification.

The ASUS Business Series B43 and B53 notebooks now boast a battery with 900 charge-cycles - lasting more than three times as long as traditional notebook batteries. With the added ASUS Xpress Charge technology, these notebooks can quick charge a dead battery to 90% capacity in just 90 minutes – delivering maximum efficiency to those who need it most.

About ASUS

ASUS is a leading company in the new digital era, with a broad product portfolio that includes notebooks, netbooks, motherboards, graphics cards, displays, desktop PCs, servers, wireless solutions, mobile phones and networking devices.

Driven by innovation and committed to quality, ASUS designs and manufactures products that perfectly meet the needs of today’s home and office users. ASUS won 3,268 awards in 2009, and is widely credited with revolutionizing the PC industry with the Eee PC™.

With a global staff of more than 10,000 and a world-class R&D design team, the company’s revenue for 2009 was US$7.5 billion. ASUS ranks among BusinessWeek’s InfoTech 100, and has been on the listing for 12 consecutive years.

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