Cubitek's all-aluminum Magic Cube Computer Chassis Series

Written by Ben Hardwidge

March 21, 2011 | 17:04

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Cubitek's all-aluminum Magic Cube Computer Chassis Series
Creativity Reintroduced to PC Case Design

March 21, 2011, New Taipei City, Taiwan – Cubitek Co. Ltd., is living up to their slogan of being “a Taiwan-based manufacturer of uniquely designed computer cases” with the release of their new Magic Cube series of PC chassis. Today, the all-black, anodized aluminum, Magic Cube 8 HDD computer case was launched and is expected to draw lots of attention with its, scandalously new, 3-box design. With three separate enclosures, the Magic Cube 8 HDD PC case separates components into completely different heat zones, providing users with cooler and quieter operation experiences. Cable openings on the back of each enclosure enable users to place each box in different locations, an unparalleled flexibility of design. For example, Cubitek's Magic Cube 8 HDD allows an on-desk placement of the ODD box and, at the same time, an underneath-desk placement of the motherboard and HDD ! boxes. Users can: remove side panels to give their case an open look, if desired; use the individual boxes as test-benches; or connect the boxes together for a more traditional look. The options exponentially expand with Cubitek's Magic Cube 8 HDD computer chassis.

Motherboard Cube
Two, 140mm intake fans on the front-panel pull cool air through the enclosure while a top-panel 140mm fan and a rear-panel 120mm fan push hot air out. Users can mount an ATX or an E-ATX motherboard, CPU coolers up to 180mm long, and eight VGA cards up to 340mm long. There are mounts for two 2.5” HDDs and enough room at the base of the case to mount a power-supply unit up to 220mm long. LCS is enabled by two, rubber-lined holes on the rear panel. The top-panel of the motherboard cube is home to the I/O switch, plus two USB 3.0 ports, one e-SATA port, and HD+AC97 Audio ports.

Hard Disk Drive Cube
Cubitek's Magic Cube 8 HDD chassis fits, you guessed it, eight 3.5” hard disk drives. Additionally, another two 2.5” HDDs can be mounted in the HDD cube. All ten of these mounts are tool-less and come with rubber-rings for the thumb-screws, to reduce vibration. The HDD Cube is kept cool with an 80mm fan on its front-panel.

Optical Disk Drive Cube
Two 5.25” ODDs mount nicely in this third enclosure. Cubitek has also included a 5.25” to 3.5” converter for users who want to increase storage space instead of adding an additional ODD.

Cubitek has generously included fan and HDD power extension cables with their Magic Cube 8 HDD PC case so that users have multiple options in arranging each of the enclosures, without needing to make a lot of additional purchases. The flat, black, design of the data, power, and fan cables, that Cubitek includes with the Magic Cube 8 HDD, compliment the black aluminum beautifully.

Magic Cube 3 HDD
The Magic Cube series also includes the Magic Cube 3 HDD. Almost entirely the same as the Magic Cube 8 HDD, the Magic Cube 3 HDD has three 3.5” hard disk drive mounts instead of eight. Everything else is entirely the same.

Cubitek Co. Ltd.
We ARE enthusiasts designing FOR enthusiasts. Founded in 2002, in Taiwan, we initially focused on an OEM/ODM business model. In the Spring of 2010 we reorganized to be able to become a branded manufacturer and now develop our own interesting and unique PC chassis. Our philosophy: “Build something we would want to buy at a price we would want to pay.” For more information visit our website

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