Entatech brings back the ‘Func’

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March 13, 2013 | 10:26

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Entatech UK Ltd has announced the addition of the newly developed Func range to their gaming portfolio.

First established in 1999, Func was created by professional gamers who noticed a gap in the market for cutting-edge computer accessories. The first release from Func, the double-sided Func Surface 1030 Original, won a number of awards from nearly every major magazine and site in the industry, establishing the brand as one of the best for top-of-the-range gaming gear.

Entatech will be distributing the revamped Surface 1030 and MS-3 Gaming Mouse from Func. With the addition of other up-and-coming gaming vendors in the latter part of 2012, the inclusion of the rebranded Func range will ideally suit Entatech’s growing portfolio of gaming and peripheral vendors, and help to cement Entatech as a leading distributor of high-spec gaming products, whilst also meeting the increasing demands of today’s gamer.

Func redeveloped the brand in 2012, refreshing its image to cater for the needs of today’s gamer. Not only has the rebranded look refreshed Func’s image, but it also provides the users with an increase in functionality, performance and gaming experience.

Iain Gillogaley, Entatech Gaming and Peripherals Manager, commented on the brands revamp: “This is a really exciting line of products for both Entatech and the gaming market as a whole. Func are one of the forerunners of gaming accessories and the new design – both in terms of aesthetics and technology – slots in perfectly with the gaming and peripheral products we currently distribute to Entatech customers. The gaming industry is continuously evolving with bigger, better and newer products and the Func range allow us to keep up to date with the latest technologies, helping to reaffirm Entatech as a leading distributor of gaming products.”

When first released to the market, the 1030 Surface fast became one of the best-selling mouse surfaces ever introduced. Redesigned, the new-look Surface still allows for precise movement at high speed, but also gives users increased functionality and a larger tracking area - perfect for gamers who cannot afford to lose their tracking during intensive gameplay. Dual-sided, the surface gives gamers the choice of two sides, both offering a high level of traction, consistency and precision. The addition of large rubber feet on each corner of the surface ensures a firm grip on any surface, eliminating slips and any interruption during play.

Also introduced to the new-look Func is the MS-3 Gaming Mouse. Designed to provide gamers with an advantage over their opponents, the MS-3 boasts a modern, edgy ergonomic design, the result of copious studies of the human hand in order to provide a solid grip. All required buttons have been meticulously placed in order to minimise reaction time, whilst giving accurate gameplay, giving you an edge over your opponents. A customisable LED-light system allows for the application of 16.8 million colours to create a look that is similar to your other peripherals, or to merely act as a profile indicator.

The 1030 Surface and MS-3 Gaming Mouse are both available for purchase from Entaonline.com.

Calle Conradsson, Brand Manager at Func, said: "We’re happy to welcome Entatech and their customers aboard and look forward to our new partnership. Entatech are highly experienced in distributing gaming brands and we welcome their market expertise. Together, I’m sure we can form a strong partnership which will be crucial to us in reaching our future goals. The revamped Surface 1030 and our new gaming mouse, Func MS-3, mark the start of a new era at Func. There is much more to come this year, so I urge gamers to keep an eye for Func!”

To purchase a product from the newly launched Func range, visit Entaonline.com or alternatively, call 0333 101 1000.

About Entatech

Entatech is a leading IT distributor with over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry. With over 9500 products from 75 manufacturers Entatech supply innovative products at competitive prices, accompanied by a friendly approach and an award winning sales team. Visit entaonline.com for full information about each of Entatech’s seven product divisions, a meet the team facility, express shopping, special offers, bundles and comprehensive account management facilities.
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