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February 11, 2013 | 11:44

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In a bid to continue to provide its resellers with the best products and brands in order to meet customer demand, Entatech have added a brand new lighting range to its portfolio.

Joining Entatech’s seven other category channels, the lighting range currently consists of over forty products from four vendors – Nightwatcher, Securesight, Masterplug, and Verbatim LED – all of which are available for purchase now. As the lighting and security market is one of Entatech’s fastest growing categories, it is expected that its product range will continue to increase throughout 2013.

The range offers customers with a variety of lighting solutions for the home (both indoor and outdoor) and for businesses and the LED products in particular are proving popular. These are one of the fastest growing product ranges within the market, providing users with environmentally friendly and cost effective lighting.

Dean Langford, CCTV & Security Channel Manager at Entatech, said: “We’ve had tremendous success with the security channel over the past 12 months, and the addition of the lighting range allows us to continue to reach this growing market, providing resellers and retailer customers with more options. Our range offers simple yet effective lighting and security solutions which are affordable for both homeowners and businesses alike, whilst also innovative.”

One of Entatech’s most recent partnerships, Verbatim LED, launched its lighting business using technologies developed by the company’s parent, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, which has over 50 years’ experience in developing lighting materials. Verbatim manufacture a range of high quality LED products that are designed to provide a better lighting experience for consumers, coupled with a low power consumption and long life span. On Verbatim’s range, Tim Stevenson, UK National Account Manager for Verbatim, said: “Our range of products can be applied to a wide range of lighting applications and have been designed to meet the growing demand for choice in the market, providing, economically and environmentally friendly lighting which in the long run, will prove a solid investment.”

Catering for the security lighting market is brand, Nightwatcher, who offer specialised products that combine motion sensor lights and cameras. Uniquely and innovatively developed, the Nightwatcher is a patented motion tracking feature built into a passive infrared (PIR) lamp. The Nightwatcher NW200, in particular, boasts a motion detection function, reaching a span of 220o, which detects movement, pointing light directly to the source of the motion. Once the ‘target’ has been found, the light continues to track the motion while the target remains within the PIR sensor’s field of vision.

Other models within the Nightwatcher range include built-in cameras that record videos and capture still imagery onto an SD card, and a wireless remote audio alarm.

Peter Bromage, Director of Sales at Nightwatcher, said: “Products like the Nightwatcher Security Light offer proven and effective deterrents to intruders – making them an ideal investment for any home or business. As an established security lighting brand, the inclusion of Nightwatcher to Entatech’s portfolio allows us to reach out to a wider target market and we feel makes a great addition to the security and lighting channel as a whole.”

Entatech’s full range of security and lighting products can be viewed at Entaonline.com or alternatively, call 0333 101 9578.

About Entatech

Entatech is a leading IT distributor with over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry. With over 9500 products from 75 manufacturers Entatech supply innovative products at competitive prices, accompanied by a friendly approach and an award winning sales team. Visit entaonline.com for full information about each of Entatech’s seven product divisions, a meet the team facility, express shopping, special offers, bundles and comprehensive account management facilities.
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