Experience the matchless performance with custom designed Palit GTX580

January 4, 2011 | 12:14

Companies: #palit

Palit Microsystems Ltd, the leading graphics card manufacturer, announces the own design Palit GTX 580. While GTX 580 already is the fastest DX 11 GPU, the custom designed Palit GTX 580 offers matchless performance. And the dual-fan thermal solution with 4 video outputs will make this card a creation of perfection!

With 512 CUDA processor cores of 783MHz and 1538MB memory at 4020MHz, Palit GTX580 provides incredible DX11 gaming performance. Even faster than the fastest, Palit GTX 580 scored 20 points higher than reference board in Unigine Heaven benchmark with the frame per second at 69.2. Even in DX10 performance, Palit GTX 580 can boost the score 1720 points more in 3DMark Vantage test. In addition, Palit GTX 580 uses a 6+8 PCI-Express power connector to gain extra power and stability which increase the overclocking potential. Palit GTX 580 is absolutely suitable for enthusiast gamers!

Top notch performances with nice design, the dual-fan cooler design of Palit GTX 580 emits the heat more effectively but remains the noise level under control at the same time. Palit GTX 580 provides exceedingly quiet environment in idle but also generates less temperature when it’s under heavy loading during gameplay.

When it comes to video output, Palit GTX 580 offers a more generous option including full-size HDMI, Display Port and two Dual-link DVI output. Play your favorite title with Palit GTX 580, you will not worry to search for extra adapters.

Combining the matchless performance, quieter and cooler dual-fan thermal design, 4 video outputs and the latest NVIDIA technologies, the custom designed Palit GTX 580 is your best choice for DX11 gaming!
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