MSI extends the Lightning family with the N480GTX Lightning

October 22, 2010 | 08:25

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MSI extends the Lightning family with the N480GTX Lightning
Power4 Architecture for extreme overclocking

n480boxshot2.gifThe Lightning series of graphics cards from industry leading graphics card and mainboard manufacturer MSI, has been receiving unanimous praise from power users and media worldwide. The newest member of the family, MSI’s N480GTX Lightning is tailor-made for extreme overclocking. MSI is introducing the unique Power4 Architecture to provide the most powerful and stable power for the N480GTX Lightning, greatly increasing the overclocking potential. Its potential was witnessed by participants and visitors of MSI’s MOA2010 finals in Taipei, where Swedish overclocking hero “elmor” broke the current World Record in 3DMark Vantage. The N480GTX Lightning is rich in exclusive features, including the new Twin Frozr III thermal solution that lowers GPU temperatures by 18°C compared to the reference design and of course Triple Overvoltage through MSI’s Afterburner software.
n480power42.gifIntroducing MSI’s Power4 Architecture
MSI has won numerous awards thanks to its unique Twin Frozr thermal solutions. The N480GTX Lightning is equipped the next generation Twin Frozr cooler, setting thermal standards even higher. A large nickel plated copper base is connected to a dense fin arrangement through MSI’s exclusive 8mm Superpipes. The front and the back of the card, including components like the memory modules are connected to two form-in-one heat-sinks. The whole package gets cooled by large, low-noise, 9cm double fan solution. The Twin Frozr III cooler is able to cool up to 18°C cooler than the reference design.

n480cards2.gifTriple Overvoltage (GPU/Memory/PLL) to maximize overclocking potential
When combining the N480GTX Lightning with the latest version of MSI Afterburner, users can adjust the GPU and memory clock speeds as well as the voltages of the GPU, memory and PLL. The Triple Overvoltage function boosts the OC performance of the N480GTX Lightning up to 34% higher than the reference design and allows users to get the best-ever performance from a N480GTX Lightning.

n480afterburner2.gifMSI N480GTX Lightning, extreme overclocking champion
MSI Afterburner is the preferred overclocking tool during MSI’s Masters Of Overclocking events and Afterburner is the perfect software to accompany the N480GTX Lightning. With the latest version of Afterburner users can Triple Overvoltage their GPU, Memory and PLL to provide another unique way of adding performance to the N480GTX Lightning. MSI continues to listen to the overclockers and includes often requested features on their Lightning series graphics cards. Lightning products already featured easy to use V-Checkpoints, but the N480GTX Lightning will greatly expand on that. V-Switch allows for instantaneous voltage adjustment and OCP unlock removes Overcurrent Protection. A Dual-Bios switch and XtremeCool switch are implemented to prevent any GPU cold bugs. PWM Clock Tuning achieves more stable PWM frequencies. All in all, the N480GTX Lightning is the king of graphics cards and truly designed for extreme overclocking.

n480milclass2.gifMilitary Class Components with Super Ferrite Chokes: quality and stability
The N480GTX Lightning is built with select next-gen Military Class Components. These include Hi-c CAPs with a lifespan eight times longer than ordinary solid state capacitors. SFCs (Super Ferrite Chokes) enhance current flow by 30% and solid state capacitors have a lifespan of 10 years. With Military Class Components, the N480GTX Lightning has a longer lifespan and better stability to prove it’s built for the best performance.

MSI N480GTX Lightning, World Champion graphics card.
Overclockers and hardware enthusiasts worldwide were able to witness MSI’s MOA 2010 finals in Taipei where the Swedish participants Elmor and ME4ME shattered the 3DMark Vantage world record. As the participants of the MOA 2010 finals got more comfortable with the N480GTX Lightning over time, it becomes clear what the real potential of MSI’s flagship graphics card is. The N480GTX Lightning is world’s first GTX480 that was able to achieve a 100% overclock on the GPU clock, besting the nearest competitor by 125 MHz. This leads to fantastic results and world records in 3DMark Vantage, 3DMark 03 and Unigine Heaven benchmarks. And the best part is, these records were all set before todays official launch.
To view elmors World Record, please click the link to below:
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