MSI R5870 Lightning Graphics Card Redefine the Extreme Performance at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010

June 9, 2010 | 02:57

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(Taipei – June 2, 2010)
Stability and extreme performance for audio/video and different display applications are pretty much ubiquitous requirements among the world's elite gamers. At COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010, globally-renowned graphics card and mainboard manufacturer MSI will exhibit its record-breaking darling of the media and award’s king, the R5870 Lightning graphics card. It not only features the latest 40nm process Radeon HD 5870 GPU with huge 2GB GDDR5 high speed memory, it also comes with MSI's specially selected military class components, a distinct cooling design and a voltage regulator function. At COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010, it will surely be the center of attention.

Special power & cooling design provides performance with the ultimate boost
The MSI R5870 Lightning graphics card uses not only a special 15 phase PWM design to provide GPU and memory with abundant power during overclocking, but also features a built-in dual 8-pin power source interface so high load operators and heavy gamers have a stable power supply. Also, MSI's exclusively designed Lightning Power Layer (LPL) PCB design flawlessly supplies the CPU and memory with stable and ample electric current. It's worth nothing that in cooling, the R5870 Lightning uses the Twin Frozr II design, which not only features gigantic dual 8cm fans that effectively increase cooling performance by 50%, but also comes built-in with dual 8mm SuperPipe heat pipes that effectively reduce operating temperature by up to 13°C.

Military Class components provide high stability and quality
Outstanding stability is also a major distinguishing factor of the R5870 Lightning. The R5870 Lightning graphics card uses server grade, military class materials, including Hi-c CAP, which provides 8 times the lifespan of ordinary solid state capacitors; Solid State Choke, which offers no high frequency noise & low vibration; and Solid CAP, which extends lifespan by up to 10 years. These materials not only greatly extend the life of a graphics card along with its stability, but also provide consumers with remarkable product quality.

Afterburner utility & V-Check Points provide easy and comprehensive overclocking functions
With MSI's development of Afterburner overclocking software, not only can GPU and memory clocks be adjusted, but GPU voltage can also be adjusted to a maximum of 1.35V to boost overclocking potential. Along with the Kombustor burn in testing program, a joint MSI & FurMark creation, a perfect integration of all necessary overclocking software thoroughly unleashes all of a graphics card's performance. What's more, with V-Check Points, it’s not necessary to read long and complex strings of data, you can understand the most accurate CPU and memory voltage conditions at any time.

Complete support for ATI Eyefinity & DirectX 11 / ATI Stream Technologies
The MSI R5870 Lightning graphics card uses the all-new ATI Eyefinity multiple display technology to connect up to three displays. This allows users, whether for work or Game, striking visual effect and another performance upgrade. In addition, the R5870 Lightning also provides complete support for DirectX 11 game graphics standards, which fully captures a game's special effects and gives exquisite definition. And with the use of ATI Stream technology, graphical and application programs can simultaneously realize enhanced operating speeds.

About MSI
Established in 1986, MIS is a world-class IT vendor. With its management philosophy of “insist on the best,” MSI has built on its many years of experience in motherboard and graphics card R&D and production to expand into new business areas that include notebook PCs, all-in-one PCs and in-car audiovisual systems. As part of the company’s drive to establish itself as a leading global brand, MSI has introduced a new corporate identification system (CIS), which symbolizes its advance into a new era of branded manufacturing. Leveraging its high production capacity, advanced technology, high quality and strong R&D capabilities, MSI is working to establish itself as one of the world’s top ten notebook PC brands by 2010, and as one of the top ten PC system brands by 2012.While emphasizing market development, MSI is also committed to fulfilling its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, focusing on environmental protection and making a meaningful contribution to society. In March 2009, MSI was ranked by Common Wealth magazine as one of Taiwan’s Top 50 Corporate Citizens, and was also included in Global Views Monthly’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Top 70. In the future, MSI will be maintaining its commitment to CSR, and will continue to adhere to a management philosophy that emphasizes concern for society as a whole and MSI’s role as a global citizen. MSI will be taking practical steps to make a real contribution towards the well-being of the general public, in line with the company’s vision of “Beautiful Lives and Green Homes.”

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