SAPPHIRE Supports ATI Stream with ArcSoft Bundle

September 1, 2009 | 10:58

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SAPPHIRE Technology has just announced that retail versions of two of its latest graphics products will now include bundled applications from ArcSoft supported and enhanced by ATI StreamTM technology

The highly acclaimed SAPPHIRE HD 4890 1GB graphics card, and the recently introduced new model SAPPHIRE HD 4770 512MB with ARCTIC Cooler will both have ArcSoft’s SimHDTM IM application bundled with full retail versions shipping now. SimHD IM is accelerated by ATI Stream technology to make video Instant Messaging a smoother and more interactive experience.

“SimHD is known for up-scaling DVD movies and standard definition video files to near high definition,” said George Tang, ArcSoft Vice President and General Manager of Video and Home Entertainment Group. “Now this technology, for the first time in the industry, is available to users providing a near high definition video experience in real-time while communicating through instant messenger applications.”

“ATI Stream technology is supported by all our latest graphics cards,” said Bill Donnelly, Global PR Director for SAPPHIRE Technology, “It is included free with the latest drivers and significantly enhances a growing number of applications. ArcSoft is the first company to use this approach to improve video quality in real time.”

About SimHD IM
ArcSoft has taken its world famous SimHD™ technology a step forward, from upscaling DVD movie to enhancing online video chatting in real-time. By leveraging ATI GPGPU technology (ATI Stream™), the SimHD IM Plug-in converts a low quality video conferencing experience to a much more enjoyable video quality without a noticeable increase in CPU usage.

About ATI Stream Technology
Using ATI Stream Technology, owners of SAPPHIRE ATI Radeon™ graphics processors can unlock the potential in their digital applications and see improvements with their overall computing experience. ATI Stream can help accelerate next-generation entertainment, gaming and productivity, with applications from an increasing number of companies.
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