XFX Stunning Crowds CeBIT

March 6, 2010 | 09:44

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Gaming Industry Leader is Offering a Sneak Peek of Secret Product in Germany

Hannover, Germany, March 2010 - Gamers rejoice! XFX has returned to this year's CeBIT and we've gone platinum! XFX has once again taken the world's largest technology tradeshow by storm and is offering gamers exclusive access to cutting edge products.

Attendees have gotten a sneak peek at the highly confidential XFX Radeon HD 5970 Black Edition Limited. Very few of these 4GB cards are being produced, but the lucky patrons at CeBIT are the first to be in-the-know.

These unique, high-performing cards are being viewed in augmented reality - where the real world meets the virtual world - offering tradeshow goers a unique and interactive experience.

The XFX Radeon HD 5970 Black Edition Limited explodes on screen in front of your very eyes, splitting into four 3D layers, exposing it's innermost secrets to stunned onlookers.

XFX Black Edition is the highest degree of graphics cards available and comes with exclusive membership benefits and priority support.

While XFX remains dedicated to creating and evolving with the latest gaming technology, we've also upgraded our look with a new platinum design. Much like the sought after precious metal, XFX's new platinum colour speaks to the high quality and exclusivity of our product.

As if a peek at some of the hottest cards in gaming wasn't enough for crowds to gather at CeBIT, The XFX girls will also be giving away top-end cards and various other limited edition prizes throughout the convention.

About XFX
XFX is a global presence in the world of electronic gaming. With its focus on taking gaming to the extreme, XFX has developed an exciting array of video cards, motherboards, and accessories that are designed to maximize the entire entertainment experience. A division of PINE Technologies, XFX operates its own manufacturing facility and maintains an R&D team that features some of the industry's most renowned talents. Learn more about XFX at www.XFXforce.com.
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