Acer announces the TravelMate 8000 Timeline series

August 2, 2009 | 14:27

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Put wings to your productivity

London, 30th July 2009 - Acer announces the new TravelMate 8000 Timeline
series, a line up of professional notebooks specifically designed for
no-compromise performance, superior security and trouble-free manageability,
while offering extended productivity thanks to 8+ of battery life.

While you are on the go, you can count on the TravelMate 8000 series for
more than 8 hours of battery life - a whole working day - with just one
charge, thanks to carefully chosen low energy consuming components such as
the recently introduced Intel(r) ultra-low voltage (ULV) processors - the
Intel(r) Core 2 Duo processor and Intel(r) Core 2 Solo processor ULV and
LED-backlit displays. Thanks to the low energy consumption the innovative
Intel ULV processors offer an incredibly long battery life and the same
performance offered by the standard notebooks. These processors are creating
a new business segment by offering the high performance we have come to
expect from notebooks based Intel(r) technology within new ultra-thin
packages, highly desirable for dynamic business usage models.

Batteries can last even longer if more durable and lower energy consuming
Solid State Disks are chosen over traditional HDDs. In addition, you can
decide when you need top performance or you want to save energy: the
TravelMate 8000 notebooks come with the Acer PowerSmart key. Just tap on the
PowerSmart key to enable Acer PowerSmart Management and apply advanced
settings to extend battery life. Stay in control, save energy and extend
your productivity with just one touch.

"With an Acer ultra-thin laptop powered by ultra-low voltage Intel(r) Core 2
Duo processor and Intel(r) Core 2 Solo processors, business users experience
a balance of performance and energy consumption that is highly desirable for
business users today", commented Tim Black, Business Manager Intel
Corporation UK. "By offering an innovative product line, Acer showed once
more its ability to integrate Intel technology into leading edge business

Even the power adapter in the TravelMate 8000 Timeline series is energy
saving. Thanks to its adaptive charging mode, the Acer PowerSmart adapter
automatically stops using power when the battery is fully charged allowing
as much as 66% power savings compared to a standard adapter. In other words,
with the Acer PowerSmart adapter you can save 1,752 watt per year and reduce
carbon dioxide emissions by 2,320 tons in one year.

Designed for a life on the go, the TravelMate 8000 notebooks are ultra-thin,
just about one inch thick and ultra-light, with weight ranging from 1.6kg of
the 13.3" model to just over 2kg for the 15.6" one. And thanks to Acer
Thermal Comfort technology leveraging Intel(r) Laminar Wall Jet technology -
the cutting edge in terms of cooling technology for notebook PCs, the new
TravelMates can sit on your lap for as long as you need without overheating.

The TravelMate 8000 Timeline series is available in three formats 13.3", 14"
and 15.6", presenting razor-sharp images and enhanced readability through
WXGA LED backlit display with 16:9 aspect ratio, 1366X768 HD resolution and
high brightness.

The performance required to match you business requirements is provided by
the recently released Intel(r) ULV Core(tm) 2 Duo processor and Intel(r)
Core(tm) 2 Solo processor based on Intel(r) Centrino(r) 2 processor
technology and Intel(r) Centrino(tm) processor technology respectively that
combined with ultra-fast DDR3 memory will handle heavy workloads. Depending
on the model the TravelMate 8000 notebooks come with dedicated or integrated
graphics solutions.

The design of the new TravelMates evokes quality and professionalism: black
matt cover, neat lines, slim profile all add up to create a feel of
efficiency and timeless style. User experience is enhanced by carefully
chosen details. The wide keys and ergonomic fit of the Acer FineTouch(tm)
keyboard bring a whole new typing experience. The 15.6" model can even
accommodate a numeric keypad for maximum computing convenience. With the
multi-gesture touchpad, offering circular-motion scrolling, pinch-action
zoom and page flip, navigation has never been so trouble-free and intuitive.

3G1, Wi-Fi(r), Gigabit Ethernet or Bluetooth: the TravelMate 8000 Timeline
series offers a range of connectivity options you can rely upon to stay
tuned to your business even when you are on the road. Acer Video Conference
solution, including the Acer Crystal Eye high-def webcam and built-in
microphone enables high-quality video conferences so that you can easily
keep in touch with your business contacts.

Security is a key concern for professional user as they notebooks carry
valuable information and often irreplaceable data. Acer Security platform
combines several advanced security elements to ensure utmost protection for
your data. With Acer Backup key your data are quickly duplicated to a
location of your choice, where they can be easily retrieved in case of need.
Acer Bio-Protection fingerprint solution secures the system from
unauthorized access and offers data protection using cutting edge biometric
technology. Integrated in the design of Acer TravelMate notebooks, enhanced
Acer DASP (Disk Anti-Shock Protection) technology insulates the hard disk,
providing protections from the tear and wear of usage on the go.

The TravelMate 8000 series comes preinstalled with Microsoft Windows
Vista(r) Business; it will also be available with Windows 7 Professional
when released by Microsoft. Additional preinstalled software includes: Acer
Bio-Protection; Acer Crystal Eye[1]; Acer GridVista(tm); Acer Launch
Manager; Acer Backup Manager; Acer PowerSmart Manager; Acer eRecovery
Management; Adobe(r) Flash(r) Player; Adobe(r) Reader(r); McAfee(r) Internet
Security Suite Trial; Microsoft(r) Office Professional 2007 Trial; Windows
Live(tm) Essentials; Acer 3G Connection Manager2.
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