Acer Aspire Timeline 1820P - Multi-touch screen and convertible design

January 13, 2010 | 09:59

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Multi-touch screen and convertible design for unmatched versatility

London, 11th January 2010 - A laptop, a photo frame, a presenting tool and a
notepad: the Acer Aspire 1820P is all this and more. A wonder of technology
and design, it goes beyond extreme mobility and superb performance, as it
offers the immediacy and intuitive usage of a touch display and the extreme
versatility of a convertible design. All of this in an ultra-slim notebook
with a 29 cm (11.6-inch) format that ensures more than 8 hours battery life
for total freedom.

The Aspire 1820P is another step in narrowing the gap between people and
technology. Not only it exploits the touch screen capabilities enabled by
Windows® 7 but combines them with a convertible design: the result is a
notebook that is highly versatile and really easy to use. Multi-touch screen
not only replaces the mouse, but it can change our approach to technology as
well as our way of working. Using fingers is an easier and far more
intuitive way to operate a computer, as touch more closely resembles the way
we manipulate objects.

Your touch experience with the Aspire 1820P begins with the Acer
TouchPortal, where you can access applications and fun gadgets. Here you can
see your pictures or play your music and videos simply by dragging them onto
the virtual wall; or you can print a picture dragging it to the printer icon
or touch the CD/DVD ROM icon to play audio/video disks. The TouchPortal
gives you access to web browsing, permits you to explore places with
Microsoft Surface Globe and to write notes with your fingers.

You can take full advantage of touch screen capabilities when the display is
folded in tablet mode, making it easier than ever to share and explore
information enabling you to scroll documents, browse web pages and flip
through photo albums with your fingers.

While finger usage is intuitive, pen writing is precise. The Aspire 1820P
comes with a stylus pen that can be used with TouchMemo and other
applications. Quickly jot down notes or sketches - the Aspire 1820P has just
turned into a notepad!

The rotatable display can be turned, making presentations and discussions in
a group easier than ever, but also offering more comfortable viewing when
playing a video or a slide show.

Small yet powerful, the Aspire 1820P offers more than 8 hours battery life
for total mobility and the latest wireless technology. Built-in WiFi network
connection with Acer SignalUp technology allows powerful wireless reception
for easy access to available wireless networks, while optional Bluetooth and
3G connectivity guarantees even greater freedom.

Available in three glossy colours- Sapphire Blue, Diamond Black, and Ruby
Red - this notebook shows extreme attention to details. The full-size Acer
FineTip keyboard with large keys maximizes typing comfort while the
multi-gesture touchpad enables easy navigation, allowing you to scroll
documents, flip pages, zoom in and out just using your fingers.

Despite its small size, the Aspire 1820P boasts a high-brightness Acer
CineCrystal(tm) LED backlit panel with 1366x768 HD resolution and a 16:9
aspect ratio for best viewing of high definition content. Optimized second
generation Dolby® Sound Room® audio enhancement and an HDMI port complete
the offer for a great HD experience even on the go.

Even in an ultra compact size, the new notebook delivers superior
performance. The Aspire 1820P is driven by Intel® Centrino® processor
technology, featuring Intel® Core(tm)2 Duo processor and Mobile Intel® GS45
Express chipset with integrated 3D graphics. As a result the Aspire 1820P
can deliver a richer digital entertainment experience and smooth
multitasking, plus with up to 8 GB of DDR3 memory it can easily handle even
the most complex tasks.

The AS1820P is now available with a SRRP of £529.99 inc Vat
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