MESH cuts brands, uses EDGE to obtain larger slice of the notebook pie

July 19, 2009 | 10:18

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London, UK – 17th July 2009: MESH confirms successful launch of EDGE, a complete new range of customisable notebook PCs which give customers the opportunity to innovate for themselves.

MESH’s new range replaces completely all of the existing SKUs from Asus and other mass market brands.

Pricing starts at just £599 for the T6400-based unit, rising to £1,999 for the Q900 Xtreme with GTX280 graphics, Blue-Ray drive and 18.4” screen.

“As soon as we cut the old brands and pushed the MESH Edge range into the market, we not only saw a significant jump in sales – but ASPs have also increased by more than 30%”, said Tony Riccardi, Sales and Marketing Director for MESH Computers.

“MESH was first to market with many of the old SKUs from brands like Asus and MSI, but – more recently – our customers have been asking about greater levels of customisation and that is something that we can only offer with our own brand”, explained Riccardi.

Riccardi said “The market is booming, overall, with more than 9 million mobile PCs being sold in the UK over the next 12 months. Within that market, there will always be the ‘smarter user’ who knows exactly what they want. That’s the kind of user we have been attracting with our award winning desktop products for more than 20 years – and that’s exactly what is now happening with notebooks”.

Asked about the sourcing operation for notebooks, Riccardi said “It is definitely hard work. You need to spend a lot of time in China, speaking with the OEM/ODM factories before making your choice. The boost MESH has delivered in notebook sales and profitability, both tell me that it was time well spent”.

“The new Edge range offers high-quality multi-media products, with gaming capabilities – which are also perfect for business users who need a desktop replacement unit. MESH has ‘priced these notebooks to sell’ and every unit offers excellent value for money – perfect for the current financial market” said Riccardi.

MESH Computers is the UK’s number one award winning system manufacturer with headquarters at MESH House, 1 Oxgate Lane, London, NW2 7JA
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