MSI GT780DX, a new era in Gaming

Written by Ben Hardwidge

September 7, 2011 | 14:13

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MSI GT780DX, a new era in Gaming
Who will You become?

MSI, the world-class manufacturer of notebooks is proud to introduce the GT780DX gaming notebook with a 17'' Full HD non-glare LED display. The MSI GT780DX is driven by the powerful new NVIDIA® GTX570M with 1.5GB GDDR5 Memory. MSI collaborated with SteelSeries, Fnatic.MSI and Dynaudio to design the best Gaming notebook. The SteelSeries keyboard is a world first, and features a totally redesigned layout specifically made for gaming. To offer the best gaming experience, MSI GT780DX integrates unique Dynaudio speakers and THX TruStudioPRO™. It is simply the most advanced gaming notebook ever made. Make your choice: who will you become?

Powerful graphics, ready for the next-gen games
MSI focuses a lot of the attention of image quality. Using 17'' Full HD with non-glare treatment and LED Backlight is the uncompromised way to deliver at any moment the best image while playing games. The MSI GT780DX is equipped with the NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX570M graphics card with 1.5Gb of GDDR5 memory. This delivers enough power to play the latest and upcoming games using DirectX 11 rendering.

The experience is not limited to just graphics, more realism can be added through the use of the latest NVIDIA® technologies like PhysX® and Tessellation. Reach an even better performance with the NVIDIA's GTX570M with the exclusive MSI TDE (Turbo Drive Engine) technology. Giving the notebook more performance by one push on the button.

SteelSeries Keyboard
World champions Fnatic.MSI collaborates on the conception of MSI's new G-series. Following their demand, MSI get together with gaming equipment manufacturer SteelSeries to create a keyboard for the GT780DX. Not only is the keyboard more rugged, it has a more solid feel and the Windows function key has been repositioned to the right side. Ctrl and Alt keys have been enlarged as FPS games fan's need to readily use for instant actions. Moreover, most keyboards aren't designed for gamers and don't respond readily to key combinations. This doesn't happen on the GT780DX, because its gaming keyboard allows you to execute 10 commands simultaneously, enabling you to stay ahead of the gameplay by rapidly accomplishing several missions concurrently.

Sound by Dynaudio and THX TruStudioPRO™
The GT780DX features the best quality speakers you can find in a notebook. MSI cooperated with Dynaudio to translate countless studies and many months of design to determine the ideal format, design and location of the speakers. The high quality sound output is combined with high quality surround sound input through THX TruStudioPRO™.

Unique Black brushed aluminium design
In the creation of the GT780DX, elements incorporated into the overall design and every detail of this machine serves to give these high-performance gaming machines a feeling of professionalism and style. The glowing white letters "MSI" in the centre of the cover accentuate the aluminium alloy body's brushed metal finish, placing this Gaming gear in a class all its own.

Easy memory upgrade up to 16GB
To provide gamers with the most powerful machines possible, the new generation GT780DX comes with four slot DDR3 memory configuration for a maximum of 16GB, giving you a notebook with the memory capacity of a server.

Dual hard drive with RAID 0
Coupled with two hard drives with RAID 0 accelerated dual architecture not only doubles the GT780DX's hard drive memory capacity, it enhances read-write speeds by some 70%.

i-Charger technology
The MSI GT780DX is equipped with MSI's own i-Charger technology. Delivering more current to the USB speeds up recharging more than three-fold, reducing the need to charge your device nearly as much.

GT780DX will be available for sale from October 2011 in the UK

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