Novatech flaunt NVIDIA GTX mobile graphics in trio of high-end laptops

April 21, 2009 | 15:22

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Featuring NVIDIA® GTX280M graphics, SSD RAID and an Intel® Core™ i7 processor

April 21, 2009: Portsmouth, UK: Novatech Ltd, UK’s leading PC and laptop manufacturer announced today a new range of 15.4” and 17” laptops featuring GeForce® GTX280M and GTX260M mobile graphics announced by NVIDIA® at CeBIT last month.

“The new cards not only bring the world’s best graphics performance to laptops, but vastly improve the gaming experience with the addition of PhysX and application acceleration with CUDA technology” remarked Kriss Pomroy, Commercial Director, Novatech Ltd.

The new cards will initially feature in three of Novatech’s best-selling high-end laptop models, the 15.4” X70, 17” X80 and desktop replacement 17” X90, ranging from around £1300 Inc VAT.

“Until now, high-end laptop graphics has generally been deemed a much higher price and lacking performance compared to desktop PCs” explained Pomroy. “NVIDIA are bridging the gap; the GTX280M and GTX260M offer a huge performance increase at a lower price than the previous 9800M GTX and GT”.

Novatech is UK’s first to introduce the new NVIDIA® graphics, but also very excited about being Europe’s first to offer the proclaimed Intel® Core™ i7 processor in a laptop. Combined with a GTX280M and triple SSD drives in RAID makes the Novatech X90 a strong contender for the fastest laptop in the world.

“In a mobile platform, this kind of processing power is immense” remarked Amy Page, Production Product Manager, Novatech Ltd. “NVIDIA’s CUDA and Intel’s Core i7 processor is a combination that simply cannot be beaten in performance”.

The new GTX cards represent increased clock speeds, more shader processors and a 55nm die shrink from the 65nm previous generation 9800M GTX and GT, promising up to 50% performance increase at a lower price. CUDA and PhysX drivers will also ship for the first time directly supported by NVIDIA®, which means updates for the latest games will now be freely available.

More details on the Novatech laptops are available here:

More details on the GTX260M are available here:

More details on the GTX280M are available here:

Novatech flaunt NVIDIA GTX mobile graphics in trio of high-end laptops

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