Just Rams plc Announces Company Name Change to Integral Memory plc

January 5, 2011 | 05:44

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London, Tuesday 4th January 2011 – Integral Memory plc, formerly Just Rams plc, announces that as of today it has officially changed its name. Just Rams plc had made significant changes to its business over the past few years and its new name reflects this and brings together the company and brand. Although RAM is still a major part of the business, the name Just Rams no longer fully describes the range of products and services available which includes encrypted USB drives, SDXC cards and SSD drives.

The name change also reflects the huge progress the company has made over the last few years in research and development. Integral Memory now carries out extensive R&D in areas such as data encryption and SSD drives and also now manufactures some products in its UK facilities as well as being one of a few companies that have achieved FIP-140-2 validation in Europe.

Just Rams plc began in the UK as a memory specialist in 1989 at a time when PCs were becoming affordable. As the name suggests, the company started by distributing RAM (Random-Access-Memory) chips and modules, to system builders, OEMs and electronic component resellers in the UK, quickly becoming known for its fast reaction and no-nonsense trading style.

Over the next few years Just Rams grew, in partnership with Samsung, Hynix and Toshiba, the leading manufacturers in memory technology. As both the home and export markets grew, Just Rams began producing products to meet demand in the retail market. The company now employs over 130 people and has offices in France, Spain, The Netherlands and the UAE.

In 1999 with the introduction of Flash products the Integral brand was born to encompass the expanding range of retail products which includes memory cards, card readers and USB drives. The brand, now more widely recognised than Just Rams, has grown rapidly and is sold by some of the leading retailers, etailers and VARs in over 50 countries. Recently, SSD (Solid-State-Drives) were also added to the range. In 2010 sales reached 150M USD with over 50% being exported.

Integral Memory plc offers a range of services based around its products. The company has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment and IT industries to help produce one of the first major music albums on a memory card and also one of the first major movie titles on a memory card and continues to offer duplication and own-brand services to a wide and growing range of customers.

Integral Memory hasn’t forgotten its heritage and RAM is still a major part of its business, selling over 250 types of memory under the Integral brand. The change will ensure that the company focuses on, and grows, the brand further.

Integral concentrates on offering well made products, using high quality components at competitive prices. Product highlights include:

· Integral Crypto 140-2 - FIPS140-2 validated USB Flash Drive

A USB drive designed to meet the toughest security needs of government and corporations. The Crypto is easy to use and provides the security level demanded by “The Federal Information Processing Standard “(FIPS), a stringent U.S. government computer security standard.

· 64GB SDXC Memory – A card to meet the future demand of Full HD Video

The Integral SDXC Class 10 offers a massive 64GB capacity and a blistering performance that will be required for the latest SDXC camcorders and digital SLR cameras. With UHS-1 compatibility and a write speed of up to 35MB/s it ensures that full HD can be captured in all its glory.

· Integral P Series Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) with DRAM cache

The P (Performance) Series SSD is the ideal hard disk replacement where speed is the key factor. A DRAM cache significantly improves performance in gaming and business applications.

· Integral Copy Station

Make a copy of your hard drive with the touch of a button. Install the drive to be copied and another drive into the Copy Station. Press the copy button twice, wait and then you are done. Ideal for backups, upgrading your hard-drive or switching to SSD, it also works as an external USB storage device with drives installed.

Sunil Kotecha, Managing Director at Integral Memory plc, said: “This is an exciting time for Integral Memory. The Integral brand is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, especially across our global offices, so it was important for us to avoid creating confusion between the Integral brand and Just Rams for our customers and suppliers. The decision to consolidate our name with our well known brand was an imperative step for us and highlights the extent of the growth and progression that we have seen in just over 20 years. It also provides us with a platform to continue developing and building the brand further, both in the UK and internationally.”

More information about Integral Memory plc can be found at www.integralmemory.com
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