Econav nominated for the European Union’s 2010 Sustainable Energy Awards

February 17, 2010 | 17:03

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February 2010: Econav has been short-listed as one of the five candidates for the Sustainable Energy Award in the “Demonstration and dissemination projects” category. The implementation of Econav Technology is one of 272 projects within the European Commission’s 2010 Sustainable Energy Campaign. Each one of these candidates represents a good example of energy efficiency or renewable energy in 2009 within the EU.

After an intensive analysis by the Council of Experts, which consists of the technical consultants Target GmbH and KanEnergi, the official list of 25 nominees in five existing categories has been announced. Among the nominees are several of the world’s most recognised companies and institutions, including General Electric, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Carrefour Group, BT Group, Alcatel and the city of Frankfurt.

This nomination, validating Crambo’s status as an official EU partner in the field of sustainable energy, adds to Econav’s growing international status and recognition. Previous awards have included the Green Excellence Award 2009 by Frost and Sullivan and the Gold Medal of the International Hall of Inventions, Geneva.

Crambo, manufacturer and developer of Econav Technology, has achieved this international recognition within 12 months of the introduction of its unique Econav, which industry experts attested to being an efficient, safe and economical aid to generating fuel savings and reductions of harmful emissions.

The implementation of an Econav Technology pilot project in Spain has resulted in the nomination for the 2010 Sustainable Energy Award. This project demonstrated a reduction in CO2 emissions by up to 21.7% (5.4 tons), with savings of almost 3,000 gallons of fuel. As a consequence, conventional vehicles became "greener cars" without costly investment.

How does Econav technology work? Econav combines unique fuel-efficiency and safety features with traditional satellite navigation technology. The sat nav indicates in real time the best gear to be in for your vehicle, optimal speed, as well as warnings of excessive acceleration or braking, generating reports which can help you monitor your progress in becoming a more fuel-efficient driver.

The winning projects will be presented as examples of excellence, and will be promoted internationally, inspiring other energy agents to provide models that serve as guides and to stimulate the development of initiatives for sustainable energy in Europe. The winner of the best European energy solution will be announced at the awards ceremony to be held in the Vandeville Theater in Brussels on March 23rd 2010.

About Crambo: Based in Madrid, Crambo was born over 20 years ago and has earned a reputation as one of Spain’s most innovative technology companies. It was a precursor of the Internet in Spain in the late '90s, and a key pioneer of portable navigation in Spain, being one of the leading Sat nav distributors in the country. Crambo accounted for 0.5% of the patents in Spain in the year 2008. In 2007 it began developing Econav Technology and a year later it launched its own brand of technology products: Vexia. Its Econav Technology is currently nominated for the 2010 EU Sustainable Energy Award.

About Vexia: Spanish brand owned by Crambo, Vexia develops products with advanced technology, intuitive and user-friendly use and a high degree of technical innovation. Vexia has been the first brand to introduce Econav technology within the Satnav category.
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